My supply of T3 just arrived from Greece, any advice how to get from T4/T3 to T3 only?

Hi. I am currently on 100 mcg of levothyroxine (T4) and 62.5 mcg of T3. I want to go on T3 only and I ordered enough of T3 Uni pharma so that I can start right away. The question is how much to take? I know I will still have some T4 left in my body after I stop taking it but for how long? What should be my starting dose of T3 and should I increase it after T4 is gone. Thank you.

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  • 25mcg of T3 is equal to around 75 to 100mcg levo, and it's usually straightforward to stop levo and add in the additional T3 to the T3 you already take.

    Just in case you have a sensitivity I would begin with half dose of the new T3, taking your pulse/temp before you begin several times a day so you have a starting point. I find T3 very calming. After around 1 or 2 weeks I would add in a 1/4 being aware of how you are feeling, i.e. hot, fast pulse. If that happened drop back to previous dose.

    I take my dose once daily and I'll give you a link in case you haven't read it. Excerpt:-

    Finally, why do I specify that the typical patient use one full dose of non-timed-release Cytomel for life? Because extensive testing has shown that this is safe, effective, and most economical—when used within the context of our entire protocol.

    Wishing you success.

  • Thank you Shaws. I do agree with you, slow-release T3 is a waste of money. So I should start with my usual dose of T3 with half a pill added instead of levothyroxine and go from there. Thanks for links, very informative indeed.

  • Andrewyy, Are you taking a quarter tablet (6.25mcg) T3? 6.25mcg is a low dose and you could increase to 12.5mcg + Levothyroxine to see whether symptoms improve.

    100mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 33mcg T3. You could start a little lower and increase to 33mcg after a week. If you feel overmedicated reduce T3 dose by 6.25-12.5mcg.

    Levothyroxine has a half life of 7-8 days so a week after your last dose you'll have 50mcg in your system, and 25mcg after 2 weeks.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Hi, I am taking 62.5 mcg of T3 at the moment, so 2 pills and a half + 100 mcg of levothyroxine.

  • Andrewyy, Ok, I thought it might have been a typo. Just stop the T4 and add another tablet + 1/4 (31.25mcg) T3.

  • Thank you. How much T3 is equivalent to 100 mcg of levothyroxine?

  • As Shaws said, "25mcg of T3 is equal to around 75 to 100mcg levo."

  • Andrewyy, T3 is 3 x stronger than T4 so 33mcg T3 is equivalent to 100mcg T4.

  • i just stopped my ndt and went straight to it.

  • Thank you all. It's more clear to me now so I'll begin with T3 only tomorrow.

  • I need to get t3 can you tell me where you got it from. thanks

  • I just sent you message with the info

  • Thank you! I ordered T3 today from this website!

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