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Feeling Neck Tightness/Fullness

Hoping some kind people might put my over active imagination to rest. I was diagnosed with Graves in 2008 and put on block and replace for 12 months, then that was it I was told by my Endo that I would just be checked yearly with a blood test. Hence my health has declined massively ever since. I was referred back to Endo 2012 and 2015 but both times told my blood tests were fine - I don't agree TSH varying from anything from 3.3 - 3.9 (0.35-4.5) - but anyway have been complaining to GP about the fullness feeling I have been getting for last 4 years. Had a really bad chest infection at xmas and this fullness has been unbearable ever since, now today I have realised the fullness is in my neck area and my throat is very gritty sounding like I'm coming down with a cold. I now realise this maybe my Thyroid and I have gone into panic mode. I am also having problems with my feet and hands and awaiting to see a 3rd opinion from Rheumy. I am so tired and exhausted from trying to prove to Doctors that I shouldn't be feeling ill like this, GP's just say its Menopause even the female ones. Any help or advice would be much appreciated PLEASE x :(

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Hi, I am sorry you are feeling so bad and that the doctor hasn't come to your aid. It's unfortunate the only take account of the TSH result instead of taking all your thyroid hormones into account.

First of all, I agree with you that your blood results aren't too good when you have clinical symptoms.

if you've had blood tests recently, get a print-out with the ranges and post.

If not, ask GP to do another blood test but for a Full Thyroid Function Test which should be TSH, T3, T4, Free T4 and Free T3, and antibodies plus Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. They only appear to do the minimum i.e. TSH and T4.

If he or the lab wont do all that is requested has recommended labs and you can have use them and get a small discount with the TUK Code No.

If you get a new blood test, make the earliest appointment and fast (you can drink water). Don't take medication until after test.

Get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges (ranges are important as labs differ) and post them on a new question for comments.


I have tried to get the blood tests on numerous occasions, but my GP keeps saying that the Lab will not test them, only TSH. Last Feb I saw Endo and he did the last test with TSH 3.5 and T4 17.2 and he to refused to do anymore. Think it was because I put a request in not to see this particular consultant, and I did!! Just my luck. My GP surgery actually is Blue Horizon, so its really frustrating that I can't get the test done. Thanks for reply, I will really have to think hard about getting it done privately, but can't really afford it.


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