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hi i need advice,

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with an over active thyroid.After trying the prescribed treatment it turned out i was allergic to them i ended up with radioactive iodine treatment which sent my thyroid underactive.

Im taking 75mg thyroxine having 4 monthly blood tests but still feel tired and have no get up and go.

My weight has shot up to over 17 stone and even with low fat diets im struggling to lose weight. Is there any natural medicines i can take to help lift my energy levels either with or as an alternative to thyroxine.

Im also going through menopause so am on low dose HRT

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Sorry to hear you're unwell. Do you have the results of your blood tests? They would help you figure out what's going wrong.


Many people on this forum self medicate with Natural Dessicated Thyroid as an alternative to Thyroxine. It does sound as though you are undermedicated though. There is a formula for calculating thyroid replacement if your thyroid is not working at all (which it may well not be after RAI). The dose depends on your weight, and would probably be at least double what you are on now.

If you post you latest blood test results (with the ranges) we can advise


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