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TSH: where to put it?


Having read yet another post by Mary Shomon, regarding the various TSH ranges (0.5-5.0, 0.3-3.0, etc.), I started having a conversation within myself. I know many of you are stuck with doctors who use only TSH+T4, and who won't do other tests such as FT3; and that these doctors are likely to say you are "normal" if your TSH is *anywhere* in the range. But I know that I did not feel well until I got my TSH to 0.5, the bottom of the traditional range (although I will confess that I had to add T3 to get there). So my question to those of you who are stuck with clueless doctors: have you ever tried telling your doctor that you want your TSH at the BOTTOM of the TSH range, and that you know what hyperthyroid feels like so you will back off dosage if you feel hyper coming on? If so, what did your doctor say to you?

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Eddie83, it works for some patients to tell their doctors that they only feel well with TSH suppressed &/or FT4 at a certain level. Unfortunately some doctors are convinced that suppressed TSH leads to atrial fibrillation &/or osteoporosis and continue to target TSH within range.

I had thyCa so TSH is targetted <0.1 but ranges from undetectable to 0.01. My FT3 was under range for a while and I know now that I need FT3 >4.5 to feel well.

Bravo Eddie83,

I've told my doctor that I feel better when my TSH is suppressed, I told the doctor that I was having a Hashi-flare and felt hyper. Low and behold, my blood test said I was hyper. I feel that I'm getting somewhere with the GP practice.

However, the Endo smirked at me and was dismissive when I said the same to her, guess you can't win them all!

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