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I had an overactive thyroid about 4 years ago so I'm aware of how it makes you feel. I notice about 4 weeks ago the bottom of my neck was swelling and I got symptoms like fidgety, thirsty, heart palpertations, lack of energy, feel week, tired but trouble sleeping. I've had blood test and my tsh has come back at 1.2. Doctors want to do an ultrasound on my neck. Just feel like I'm not getting anywhere and I'm getting fed up of not having the energy for anything. Is it possible to have a "normal" reading but have all the symptoms ? Need help on what to do pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

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I'm sorry you are having problems again with your thyroid gland and am glad you will be given an ultrasound.

The TSH alone isn't sufficient to give a diagnosis without some other blood tests too, i.e. T4 and T3, also Free T4 and Free T3. Some doctors only take notice of the TSH.

This is a list for information of blood tests.

Plus this link is what TSH can mean (nothing like the doctors):

Also on the left-hand side column under 'About your Thyroid' you will find a list of clinical symptoms for different thyroid dysfunctions and you can tick off which applies to you.

When you go for your next blood test make the earliest possible appointment and fast. You can drink water. If you are put on thyroid hormones leave about 24 hours between your last dose and the blood test and take levo after test. Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.



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