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HyPOparathyroidism /Hyperparathyroidism

HyPOparathyroidism /Hyperparathyroidism

Hi all,it's been a while since I've been here. Now let me just start by saying I really can't understand the thyroid,but I do know it's important to the way we feel.

Here's the start of my story,I'll make it as quick as I can.After a heart attack I was put on a drug for about 3mths, that left me with an Underactive thyroid ,as time went on it became a para thyroid.

In October I seen my Endocrinologist but his computer was down,so he said he would send me a letter when he seen my bloods. Well after no end of phone calls emails I finally got my results. At the top of the letter it said Mild Hyperparathyroidism ,now this words getting longer. Sorry forgot to metion it did go to parathyroid first.

I showed it to a friend of mine who said it didn't make sense to her,my results seemed more like HyPOparathyroidism ,so I rang my Endocrinologist secretary to check and she said it was a typing error,and should be Mild HyPOparathyroidism .

I can't understand how they can come to that conclusion with just the average bloods.

I was also given no advise on how I could help myself,plus I suffer chronic IBS!! And I do know the thyroid can have an effect on your Stomack. How can they come to this conclusion ? I've also requested an appointment to be brought forward,so I want to go at least with a bit more knowledge .

I was on the thyroid forum first,but I can't remember the name of the administrator in the past I have spoke with clutter. Any help is Welcolm and appreciated.

Sorry it's such a long post.

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Sorry I tried to put a photo of my blood work up but it didn't work.

This is how it was wrote. T4 Dose Select from

Serum TSH Level. 0.864. mu/L. 0.35-4.94 mu/L

Thyroid GP Comments

Please indicate whether or not patient on T4

Bone Profile-(PS1)- Normal-No Action

Serum Calcium. 2.36 mmol/L

Serum albumin. 40 g/l. 30.00-45.00g/l

Serum alkaline phosphatase. 62 iu/ L. 30.00-130.00 iu/L

ADJUSTED CA. 2.30 mmol/L. 2.20-2.60mmol/L

That's the way they are wrote out,I hope I'm not confusing anyone.



Gemini your calcium is in range although at the low end, this doesn't mean you have hypoparathyroidism, did you have your parathyroid hormone level checked ? You really need this result to give a better picture as to why your calcium is lowish.

You could increase your dairy/calcium foods but if your calcium drops lower then the GP will prescribe a calcium supplement.

With those current levels you don't have to worry but just keep an eye on calcium level.


So do you think I ought to ask my GP,who I'm seeing this afternoon for a PHL blood test,because no I haven't had it checked.


I looked back at your posts on the parathyroid forum and your PTH was checked last year, it was high and so was your calcium which indicates Hyperparathyroidism, your mibi scan was negative which doesn't mean there isn't a problem as they sometimes give false negatives.

As your calcium level has now lowered It would be good to get an up to date PTH result if your GP will oblige but it is a time critical test so blood must be at the lab asap after taking.

If you want to read back all the advice you got on the parathyroid forum you can find it at


Thank you bantam, I've took on board all you have said,and I now feel a little better.

I have another appointment in Febuary with my Endocrinologist ,so I may ask for a PTH blood test then. But in the meantime thank you.

I'll probably disappear off this forum for a while,because I'm no use to anyone.

But once again thank you.


Hi Gemini, even asking questions is useful as others might be grateful of the replies you get. Hope all goes well.


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