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I have been having my Thyroid checked since 2010 and the results have always been in range but this last time I went to the Drs he agreed that something wasn't right. I had lots of other symptoms even though my results were in range.

I have just had my second lot of results after being on 50mg Levothyroxin for 5 weeks.

My results have been as high at 4.22 mu/L TSH & 11.7pmol/L Free T4 my Dr doesnt offer FreeT3

The latest results are: 2.92mu/L TSH 13.2pmol/L Free T4

The Dr has increased my Levothyroxin to 75mg per day and I've got to have another blood test in 5-6 weeks.

What levels is he looking to get me to?

I have got to say that I'm feeling like I've got more energy, I can stay up after 7.30pm and I am able to get out of bed feeling like I've had some rest.


Hatty x

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Ideally TSH of around 1 or just below and an FT4 mid range or just above.

This is what you'd be looking for with primary hypothyroidism and with no pituitary dysfunction and good conversion to T3..... However.....

Most of us aren't that straight forward and really you should be medicated according to your signs and symptoms and not your blood results.

It's great news that you seem to be responding well to the levothyroxine.

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