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YahooT3CM group?


Does anyone know anything about this group?

I'm doing so much better adding T3 but still on 125 levo (from 300 dropped!)

I take 7.5 T3 at 3 am and have come off HC, eight weeks now!

Then I take another 6.5 T3 in split doses throughout the day, with 125 levo.

I was in a wheelchair but now I can walk ( see 'A moonlit walk and great excitement') and the palpitations stopped when I cut NAX to one and I still take Swansons Adrenal Glandular. (2)

Yahoo have advised I take 12.5 T3 at 5 am instead of 7.5 at 3 am.

Can anyone comment please?

Average temp is 36.6, BP on the low- medium side, never been high, heart rate always a bit high at 88-90, always been so.



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Joeyis7, It's good to hear how much you've improved. I don't know anything about the group but it sounds as though they're advocating Paul Robinson's circadian T3 method from the advice given.


Thank you, Clutter!

Yes I've come a long way and now no HC!

But I need to fine tune doses and get stability.

Thank you for noticing!



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