move over Poldark- this is my new heartthrob. keep scrolling down for this lovely pic...this handsome hunk will be in films soon. yum!

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Yum yum is right bluepetals. He sure wasn't under the duvet when God gave out

good looks.

Wonder what he would be like to live with? Maybe we should give him a trial run.

Well, you can go 1st. It's only fair as you saw him before me.


yeah I would like to be under the duvet with him! he has a lovley personality if you haven't watched him I suggest you tune it yum yum.

He is rather lovely bluepettals but definitely prefer him with unkempt hair and straggly beard. Enjoying the series, apart from the car crash obviously.

oh yes- deffo cinnamon girl, much preferred the rugged look with beard and dusty clothes and ruffled hair, I wonder if he would like an older woman!!!