laying awake as you do all night I was thinking that the most used phrase and word in the medical profession is

you are NORMAL , especially when you are in the doctors office, slumped in the chair, unwell, tired, fat, bald, unable to think, or function, FOLLOWED BY you must be DEPRESSED. I wonder if they know any other Phrase or word in the dictionary??? funny what you think when laying awake... unable to function... i suppose being tired, fat, bald , unwell, unable to sleep or function is the normal these days..: :(

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  • "The symptoms you're having are psychosomatic."

    (I don't think they can neurotic anymore... 'cause that would really show the deep misogynism that still exists in a lot of HCPs)

  • ok H/apple we will add that word to the volcabualry. xx

  • Ha! :D

    How are you today blue?

  • today I have a covering of hair of which I am so grateful altho I still haveto wear a hat as no t enough to do anything with, I am so tired, stiff neck stiff shoulders worn out before I even started the day hey ho!

  • ((((()))))

  • I guess it is one of those terms learnt at medical school - after all it is want we all want to feel. So all part of the Big Pharma story/nightmare :-) We must always keep in mind that normal is just an opinion and NOT a result :-)

    Sweet dreams !

  • Or it is normal even if you can barely walk. You are just way too critical towards yourself and demanding too much.

    In other words that fits in depression diagnosis. Self-critical.

  • and when we are dead we will be told you are lazy! and need to do more excerise I am LMAO here!

  • :D

  • I wish it on the medical profession then they might come up with another word! Or even a diagnosis.

  • Hi bluepettals, the most often used phrases at my docs is "It's your age" and the old chestnut "you're depressed - maybe you should be taking antidepressants" the problem is they told me that for over 20 years until a more enlightened doctor finally diagnosed me as Hypo!

    Oh and not forgetting, "Your bloods are in the normal range, it must be something else". Most often though, I don't even get words, just a puzzled looking stare, like I'm totally bonkers!

  • yes - your depressed... as I said wait til your dead and you will be told you are lazy.

  • Or since I am 70, you are just getting old

  • welli have just got up after laying awake since it is I went to bed at 9 pm last night-...... I think I must be an owl....

  • Don't you just love that blank 'what do you expect me to do about it' stare... Then they start looking at their watch!

  • 😖😖😖😖😡😡😡😡

  • I've had one say to me, "What do you expect me to do about it?" Unreal.

  • Hi

    Latest training where I am appears to be

    And what can I do for you today

    So you think good start however as soon as you inform them you are out of the door before you have time to ask what you went for in the first place


  • Hi Rose54,

    I got that one the last time I saw my GP. Trouble was he'd asked to see me following blood tests. Not an inspiring start.

  • You forgot about the questionaire, or we will do it on your next visit but i am sure it will reveal that you are Depressed.The only think that makes me depressed is you barking up the wrong tree yet again.

  • so the word DEPRESSED is used. thatis my point lizzy

  • You missed one - how about the "What do you expect? You're not as young as you used to be."

    I'm 46. :'( :)

    Oh and... "It's because you need to lose some weight."

    Oh really? And there was me choosing to have a sluggish hypothyroid metabolism...

  • jazz course you choose you have a slug of a thyroid , we all choose to not function and we all wanna lose our hair and get weighty and we all wanna be depressed, we wouldn't be NORMAL if we were well xx

  • :)

  • Or. That will have to wait I only worl Monday Tuesday and Friday. Agggh

  • The so-called "normal" range for TSH is misused and misinterpreted by doctors. Most people who are symptom-free have a TSH below 1.5.

    What is worse is that TSH does not provide any indication of whether there is a sufficient amount of T3 (the active Thyroid hormone) at a cellular level.

    So, even if the TSH and Free T4 levels are OK, it is still possible to not have enough T3 being absorbed by the body's cells and organs, resulting in Hypothyroid symptoms.

    The stupid thing is that most doctors will refuse to check the Free T3 levels if the TSH and Free T4 levels are "in-range" or "normal", which is just another of the reasons why patients who have a T3 Thyroid hormone deficiency are either diagnosed with a non-Thyroid problem (e.g. depression, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, even early signs of Dementia), or not diagnosed at all.

  • Yes, this is what I have read also and explains the "whys" of what I've been going through! These clinic physicians waste our time & resources, they are being paid regardless. When you get your tests back request them & look up the normal ranges but do not necessarily hold yourself to those; check your symptoms. Find a holistic clinic, go to a chiropractor who is into supplements, and you'll get a good start on some answers.

  • Here's a challenge for doctors and Endos ....

    Ask them what is causing hypothyroid symptoms and see what the answer is.

    The actual answer is, of course, low T3 at a cellular level, so you need to know why it is low and how to fix it, except that many labs will not even check your Free T3 level.

    Oh, but most docs and endos are in denial about T3, because it is "dangerous" haha!

    They are taught that too much T3 is bad, but they are not taught that too little T3 is even worse.

  • Sorry, I know nothing about DHEA supplementation or 7-Keto.

    I am on T3/T4 combination for my Hypothyroidism.

  • Love your comment and all the funny replies - my GP's look says "Oh no, not you again!"

  • thyroid-------- retaliate- say YES I AM YOUR EMPLOYER AND WITHOUT ME YOU GET NO WAGE! now THAT is why we don't get well, that is why there are SO


    got well, they woul d have NO wage!---

    lightbulb moment!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You know, they actually do say "there's a lot of it about". I thought that was just a joke, but it has been said to me - can't remember what about, but something non-infectious.

    And, another one I get a lot is "there's no connection". Doesn't matter what it is, if I mention two things there's never any connection between them. Apparantly, all diseases only have one symptom each. So, using that formula, I have about 320 diseases... I Wonder I'm still alive! lol

  • grey, do they still not understand that there is a connection to everything, we run synergistically, the silly people at med school, an arm don't work without

    brain telling it to and the nerve don't hurt withuot brain telling it to and brain dont work without the hypothalamus/pituitary and all that stuff and the mind, and the mind don work without consciousness--- connection is

    to all and everything- you wouldn't buy a car and expect one wheel to run on its own forwards and at the same time another wheel reversing or with one nut or bolt missing.

  • NO. That's the short answer. They Don't. But, then, most car mechanics are more intelligent than doctors.

  • They know all of this, they are abiding by the rules of clinic & big pharma.

  • Yes, that is the most common one even if your number is 75 and range starts at 74. :( It must be a racket. They have families to feed so that is how they justify following orders to do a half completed job in testing and not researching all of your symptoms. Find a private practitioner. If money is a big issue, ask what you can do to lessen the cost, get blood tests at free clinics if you have any near you, etc. There are Labs online the private practitioners can refer you to, ZRT is one, they have all of the necessary tests together and it is less expensive. Ask questions before you begin so you know how often you'll need to test & the cost of the all the tests you'll need. Don't give up, seek help even if you have to pay for it all yourself. When you are well you can pay it off. Get a low interest/0% credit card & use it. Best of Luck to you.

  • keto so it doesn't turn into testosterone I think.

  • I am now going to a naturopath/functional doctor who is so busy I had to wait six weeks to get in to see him. He took th first hour taking my medical history right from my birth. Immediately ordered salavia and stool tests. I have third stage adrenal fatigue and he is guiding me thru the process. Says it will take one to two years but offers succinct medical advice and support.

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