Mexican Cytomel, good idea and where to buy?

So, in the past I've been on T3 liothyronine which worked very well, but thanks to the cost of it on private prescription in the UK going through the roof it's no longer financially viable.

Now I've seen a lot of posts on here about people who have switched to Cytomel bought from Mexico with good success, but just had a couple of questions.

Firstly, is it literally a like for like switch? Same active ingredient?

Secondly, where have you all been buying it from? Could one of you please PM it to me.

Thanks very much everybody.

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  • Mackemforever, Mexican Grossman Cynomel T3 hasn't been available for a year. Mexican sites are still saying it will be available soon but when people order they get sent alternatives.

    The active Liothyronine (T3) ingredient is the same in all brands but the fillers usually differ and can make a difference to how different brands are absorbed and metabolised in different people.

    I find Turkish Tiromel to be the same as UK Mercury Pharma Liothyronine on a mcg for mcg basis. Others prefer Greek Uni-Pharma.

  • Ah fair enough, this is the first time I'd looked into it and must have missed the fact that it's unavailable.

    So I suppose I probably should have asked what other options there are and where they can be sourced from!

  • I was on Mexican Cynomel but this finished more than a year ago. You have the list of suppliers of different T3 brands on the link I just sent you on PM. Hope you'll find some.

  • Hi Rosen-1 please could you send me a PM with link. Many thanks :-)

  • Sent it. But I'm Rowan not Rosen :)

  • Hi rowan-1 so sorry predictive txt. I just had to stop it second time. Many thanks for your response. Xx

  • I have spoken to a Mexican Pharmacy rep, who is American and he has told me Grossman is closed, the top employees and owners are in jail for changing the formulation of their products, without written consent from the Government, which is against the law. It has been over a year now and the building has been turned into a manufacturing plant. They are gone for good..terrible!

  • I heard something similar, thank you for confirming from the source.

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