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trust me i'm a doctor, and the drinks that make us healthy are making us worse


trust me i am a doctor tonight-so drinking all sorts of antioxidants to mop up free radicals and that causes our natural antioxidants to diminish, I have a cupboard full of health supplements and never feel well!!!!-- I am not sure whether to bin or just take a few each week..... instead of sorting out those with food those with /without food, and hoping to feel well, maybe that is the answer take nothing!

and two doctors one says its ok to be fat , the other says not!

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Don't bin any supplements. Just stop taking them for 4 - 8 weeks and then decide whether you feel better or worse. If you feel worse you can start re-introducing them one at a time to see if you can work out which ones are worth taking and which ones aren't.

hi human bean a lot of whati take are combatting hairloss, they are al good life extension- I take bio curcumin bioreservatrol- hairloss, palmetto guard- as I have aproblem with dht as I have pcos and altho my testosterone I s low I am or must be sensitive eto it as my hair falls out each year and I am nearly bald so most of my stuff is for hairloss repair, vit d3, idont have much of an appetite , there are some things that we need to take in sup form a swhen we get older we just don't produce as well as we did. just don't get old! or ill!

Most of those aren't primarily anti-oxidants. And D3 is a hormone.

I have read andyou may want to search that low testosterone can cause hair loss too....and low estrogen......and the inbalance or changing of any hormones suddenly like stopping birthcontrol or bhrt or just normal aging causing it...low serum iron also a cause...but like you I am taking everything I can to combat it with good supplements including turmeric, non sulfate shampoos, and conditioners that have palmetto in them etc

I would never trust a doctor as far as I could throw one!!

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Harsh. There are many good doctors out there and I've even met some of them.

Funnily enough, that's exactly what I said as the doctor on the program stated 'trust me, I'm a doctor...'!!! :-D

there are some good ones they are not all bad they need finding.

Have you tried eating clean food, & getting most of your nutrients from something nutritious, rather than a bottle of pills? No amount of fancy drinks will make up for a diet that's otherwise poor, & a lot of bought products are full of sugar.

These are good reads, as are Chris Kresser's other articles on nutrition:

Leverette I should have said that I don't rely on pills to make up for food see above reply to human bean. I eat clean and healthy and have a nutri bullet, I don't do junk, I was also thinking of the amount of stuff people buy in general rather than myself in the way of ntrition

I am doing that too including the nutribullet....someone told me older women lose hair and it thins is why so many have short hair and my response.well that is true for the most part but some have thick hair....

many old folk have thick long hair

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I have had a thyroid condition since 1965 and still have thick hair!

Unfortunately modern agriculture means that fruit and veg just don't have the nutrients they used to 50 years ago.

I buy organic, or from a reputable source, so my fruit & veg, etc, should be good quality, as it generally tastes better.

So what studies were cited? And which anti-oxidants and in what circumstances? My post cancer diet doesn't allow supplemental anti-oxidants (although fruit, spices etc are fine), although other protocols do. Many vitamin supplements are made from petrochemicals and don't contain the complete vitamin, so it's not all that surprising that those aren't useful.

hi angel, I am going watch the repeat when it comes on again as i only saw part-- this was focused on energy drinks with antioxidants but I don't know what they were just that they took blood tests to see how th ebody reacted an dthe natural ones in body diminished as they were given in the drinks.

Many energy drinks are full of sugars (and often caffeine), which would use up your B vitamins and not be helpful. I mean the only reason for drinking stuff like Red Bull is too look cool with the twenty-somethings in the pub, isn't it? Surely, no one actually thinks they are good for you? Even when I was a body builder, I drank water (sometimes with a little fresh orange or lemon in it) while training.

We had a sports nutritionist come to do a talk at our bowls club. He advised us to make our own energy boosting drink, using fresh fruit juice, a little rock salt and water. It would help to take sips throughout a game, especially in hot weather, if the was a risk of becoming dehydrated. He didn't recommend any of the "energy" drinks on the market.

You can buy pro-biotics for example in Holland and Barrett, 60 tabs for £5.99. The ones I take, recommended by a Nutritionist are 30 tabs for £28.....speaks volumes! Unfortunately, many think that because they buy something in a 'health store' it will be good for them, when in fact the active ingredient is so small its probably negligible!

I advocate eating as much fresh food as poss, organic if you can get it, plus good supplements if you have been tested as deficient?

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