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I am sick of it :(

Hello everyone! I decided to write a post here because I have had enough of being tired. I am hyper and at the moment I am on 10mg carbimazole daily. I have been diagnosed with overactive thyroid around October 2014 had first appointment with endo February 2015. I am so disappointed. No antibodies checked no scan done. I am still feel like crap and when I am complain to my endo he tells me that I am sick and I will not feel like 20 years old :( I am only 26 years old and feel like 80. I putted on weight about 20kg since I was diagnosed. I don't know what going on and feel a little depressed. I have no energy I struggle with going to work and daily activities. I can'tell focus and have problems with memory. This year I am planning a wedding with my fiancée and we would like to have a children but first I don't know if I can even have a baby and I don't feel I would have an energy to take care of baby. Do you have any experience any suggestions what can I do to feel better?any ideas? Diets? Nutritions? Maybe natural medicine? Anyone? Anything? I really starting to give up. Thank you and sorry for any mistakes I am still learning English.

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Bless you Agataka, I had graves disease over active thyroid years ago I too was on carbimazole for a while and put on a lot of weight they eventually added thyroxin in what they call a block and replace protocol.it worked and by the time I was discharged by the consultant I'd lost some of that extra weight.my symptoms where different to yours I couldn't sit still had a marked tremor.palpitations.lost lots of weight quickly before I was diagnosed and craved salt. What you describe sounds more like under active thyroid.if you get a print out of your blood results and post them here someone will advise you on there meaning.good luck

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Unfortunately it is overactive thyroid I will find my first result and will put here. Furthermore I privately done some test including tRab atpo atg and scan my thyroid. All antibodies are raised very much and my thyroid is double in size and all affected. The worst thing my endo don't listen he thinks I don't need any more tests. I have done those while I was abroad on holiday. I heard that I can have problem with adrenals. I would like to check cortisol level and vitamins and minerals but how to ask about it. Doctors should know better. I am really desperate because I am too young to live like old lady. Thank you.


Don't give up it takes time ,it took me about 18 months to sort graves to a point I felt ok, but it's taken about 6 years to get a diagnosis of hashimotos and I just started treatment a few months ago but still waiting for biopsy results for celiac. Ask for a second opinion put it in writing if necessary so it's on file.



don't you give up .. this is still a holiday for most people ... and they have not yet got back to reading and writing on this site ... but they soon will be .

You will get enormous help on here ... believe me ... you will !!

I was diagnosed with Graves in Sept. 2015 .. I had become very ill !

My Dr, did not believe there was a problem , as I don't present myself as a gibbering wreck, maybe if I had ... I'd have had a better response.

Anyway I could write a book about my symptoms .. look at my profile to see them all

.. including suicidal thoughts, I may add.

I am taking CARBIMAZOLE and it has helped me enormously , when my dose was cut in half I started to feel the symptoms creep back... it's all about balancing it so ...I'm happy to continue with this , as I don't want to destroy my Thyroid... I'm keen to keep it ... as The culprit is my Immune System , not my Throid ... but that's my decision... that may not suit other people.

I would say you need to appeal to your Doctor in the Best way you can and tell him of your despair and Exactly what you feel... if he's not interested

Get another Doctor in the practice to listen ... or another Practice .. get someone

to chaperone you ... the Dr. may take you more seriously if someone who cares about

you goes along too.

Tell him you want a full Thyroid test you could pay privately for an Endocrinology appt. at a good Private Hospital.

Once you have an accurate test done, the Endo will hopefully put you on the correct course.

Stay with this site though Agataka.... you will be astounded with the knowledge and experience of some people on here ... supplementing with the right vitamins and minerals could help you feel wonderful...

I started to take things like ....

Vitamin B complex

vitamin D

Selenium .. etc etc

and it helped me so very much

wait for more responses ... ask more questions ... you will see.

Happy New Healthy Year my Love 🌹

I'll read more from you I hope ......

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Thank you all for responses! It is really mean a lot for me that is so many people who understand where I am at the moment. People around me think that I am lazy but I am not! It'seems really hard for me. I am trying to get the answer but my own but it is difficult. I have a lots of symptoms as you madge1979. The worst thing is my do doctors think that I am hypochondriac :/ I am on the way to work right now after I come back I will post my result here.

Thank you everyone for support! :-*

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If the Carbimazole dose you are on is too high for you, you will get hypo symptoms, which yours sound like.

If you can get the results of your last thyroid blood tests are post them in a new post, with ranges, it would be useful.

Also have you had Vit B12, Vit D, Ferritin and Folate tested? If not ask if you can have the tests done. If you have post your results.


Silver_Fairy the thing is that I have that symptoms from beginning when I started think that something wrong is going on. I couldn't believe that is overactive thyroid. I consider myself as diabetes or hypo.

I found my results unfortunately I don't have recent ones but I have an appointment with endo 18th January so I will ask for full medical history. I have only those which I have done at gp or privately.

23 Jun 2014 it is my first record

TSH <0.05 (0.2 - 5.5)

Serum free t4 55.1 (10 - 24.5)

Serum free t3 22.1 (3.9 - 6.7)

My most recent records I have, I done privately

23 Jun 2015

TSH 3.17 (0.27 - 4.20)

Ft3 6.25 (3.1 - 6.8)

Ft4 15.68 (12 - 22)

Testosterone 1.01 (0.22 - 2.90)

Progesterone 2.32 (0.6 - 4.7)

Prolactin 305.6 (102 - 496)

TRab 4.91 (<1.75)

Atg 443.2 (<60)

Atpo 141.9 ( <60)

My last appointment with endo was in November he didn't tell me exact levels of TSH but I have seen in the screen it was 6.something and ft4 or ft4 was raised. I told him that feel no improvement etc and he told me that because dose was to big and I have been hypo.

The thing is I couldn'the see the difference between hyper and hypo I felt the same like everyday from few years. I am not the same person anymore I don't like myself anymore.

Thank you for your support and help :-*


I am gonna to see my gp tomorrow and ask for blood test fir iron, vit b12, vit d folate, ferritin we will see how it will go. Anyone have an idea what my June's blood test saying. I mean antibodies. Because all are raised. Is it mean I have both hashi and graves?

Thank you


Silver_Fairy I have never been checked for any vitamins and minerals. I read a lot about it and starting to think that I could have problem with cortisol level as well because is connected.


Agataka ... I never heard how your appointment went with doctor

how are you feeling now ? are you okay ?

send in another letter for people to reply to if you are struggling

.... p l e a s e ....


Madge1979 I didn't write because it was just the same. He change only dose don't even wanted to listen to my and 'see you in 10 weeks'. Nothing more. At the moment I eliminate gluten and diary from my diet (4th week right now) but don't feel any better. I am taking supplements but with the same result as diet.

I am thinking to make a food intolerance test but it is sooooo expensive :-( I am reading a lot and think that change a diet is essential to bring my life back but what is good or bad for my? I don't know. Gp done only test for celiac - was negative. I eliminate gluten anyway. I have no idea what to do :-(


Okay ... I don't really know either

... But don't just reply to me ...

Send in a completely new posting

And great people like clutter, flower and lots of others will see it ! They'll see how upset you are and will give you good advice .

I can see why you didn't continue asking for advice it's soul destroying !

Please send in a brand new posting and watch all the advice pouring into your reply box !!

Go on ... Do it !

And good Luck Luvvie 🌹


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