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Saturated fat, does not make you fat!!

We have been reading about this for years. I for one, love my Kerrygold butter in my coffee, have double cream in tea, as much as I want, eat extra virgin olive oil, everything that I fry is in Virgin cold pressed coconut oil, eat bacon if I fancy. Am crazy about cheese, I couldn't live without it!! Have red meat, without worrying about the fat content, I am hypothyroxic, 5.45" and 8.5 stone, so pretty slim and energetic, and feel the healthiest that I have for a long time.

Fat will also never create heart disease, as previously thought.

Sweden must be the first to have actually converted officially, to this line of healthy living.

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Too true . Consuming more calories than you use makes you fat . I must try and remember that on Friday when I eat my own body weight in roasters

Merry Christmas. Skeeter

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