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Can someone please help me source t3 privately

After 18 years of unsuccessful treatment with levothyroxin becoming more and more ill I finally switched to t3 only with the support of a wonderful GP.

My life was quite literally transformed in a matter of weeks I felt heathy and well

Unfortunately my GP has now retired and after almost 3 years of continued good health I have been first pressured into trying to both reduce my dose of t3 and introduce t4 this has proved disastrous to my well being and I have switched back to t3 only.

However my new GP is desperate to see me off t3 and has suggested that he is being put under pressure from the local trust because of cost.

I am not prepared to go back to the way I was and am therefore looking to secure a reliable source on t3 for myself in case my GP refuses to provide any more prescriptions.

If you can help would you please send me a private message.

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Your doctor if he wishes can prescribe for T3 on a 'named patient basis'. This is T3 which I believe is licenced elsewhere in the world but not in the UK. Far cheaper than Uk T3.

I thought the mantra for doctors was to 'do no harm' but it is obviously harming you to withdraw a hormone which has made you well.

I am on T3 only too.


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