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just a small part from th e immortal hair post

When insufficient iodine is present, peroxidase enzymes

wreak havoc in the cells and can cause inflammation of the

thyroid, such as thyroiditis (Hashimotos or Graves) disease.

Very large doses of iodine have been instrumental in the recovery

of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Unfortunately, most physicians are reluctant about iodine, due to

their belief that extra iodine will hasten Hashimotos, not allowing it

to recover.

While iodine will help the thyroid increase the production of

hormone when needed, it usually inhibits over-production of the

thyroid by satiating its need for iodine.

Our whole body needs iodine, not just the thyroid. Stomach acid

production is dependent upon the bodies iodine reserves, and

without it, stomach acid production wains, creating indigestion.

Unfortunately, it isn't until the thyroid has a hundred times what it

needs for the body to access iodine, as the thyroid is a gland which

has complete sanction of this mineral. Once its needs are well

satisfied, then the rest of our glands, organs, including the skin

can utilize it.

To properly assess whether one has an iodine deficiency or

not, the test is called an iodine saturation test. After the

ingestion of iodine, the amount of iodine is measured in the

urine. If the amount of iodine is low, it would reveal the body

is adhering to as much iodine as it can hold, indicating a


Most of us would test positive for an iodine deficiency, and it would

make sense to start iodine supplementation especially common

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Hi bluepettals2,

Absolutely agree with this post. I'm a Graves sufferer (not suffering at the moment) and surprisingly I'm iodine deficient. I went through the conventional process of Carbimazole and beta blockers, but on reading both Dr David Brownstein's and Lynne Farrow's books on Iodine, I'm rather inclined to take the iodine route if I relapse. I must add that I'd consult an endocrinologist (one off our list) to help me with the dosage, however, since it worked for my mother and grandmother, both of whom recovered, I'm confident that it would be the right approach for me.

Arab. 🙂


dear arab,

I have to say that I think prob many people are deficient, but a bit like in the elections, people are inclined to listen to all the scare-mongering, of course it isn't for everyone but the site where I got that from is very very

informatve- if you click on all the headings so much comes up about thyroid, adrenals, hormones, hairloss, vitamins, what they are for, minerals and what they are for, where to go for source and that sea weed beginning with E, cant remember the name has a small video, and I want it, I want a lot of

stuff of there, I am so sick of being sick, the whole site is a mine of information, I too have read dr B, book and I have lynne farrows book and boy that shows up some stuff of recovery, I bought nascent detoxidine iodine, it is the most gentlest, an di have to say it worked, my normally low thyroid levels on 75 mcg t4 and 20 mcg t3 went up to 19.9 ft4 and 10.3 ft3, my endo had a fit! but iwas taking about 7 drops aday,

however he sai dmy t3 was too high and yes it was so istopped takingand it has all gon eback to low again but having said that, aftermy iron bloods are taken on Monday, I am goingto sort thru my cupboard full of supplesments so many things mainly to shift my hair growing that's not working, and I am goingto sort out a regime for MYSELF. if iodine id needed later, so be it, I shall just take much less and do it about twice a week to start instead.


Thank you for your information on Iodine.....Just as an aside...... in place of having dairy milk each day I have substituted it with non dairy milk, and the one I use most is 'Good Hemp' milk. Among it's ingredients is calcium from seaweed, sea salt, vitamin D2 plus it states it has 50percent of daily Omega 3 per glass.

For us fellow thyroid peeps, I thought those ingredients were the most helpful of all the non dairy milks. It is also good in tea ( not as heavy as other milks). It is sold in Holland and Barratt and some supermarkets.


When this all started for me in August with a Dx of CTS, I tried to get a hold of my endo to see if it was thyroid. He was on vacation, so I just ordered the tests myself. I was really upset when results showed me to be hypo. Low T4, a tad before low on T3 and my TSH was 3 something. So I thought maybe I was just iodine insufficient. I took some kelp - then I saw the iodine test where you put iodine on your skin to see how fast it absorbs. My skin sucked it up in like 5 minutes vs 12 hours. So I thought OMG I'm so low! So I put some more on my skin, sucked it right up. Orange gone in 5 minutes. I did it again the next day then told my husband about it. He said to do it on him, and his got sucked up right away too, so we questioned the test. The next day I saw a a funny red mark, like dark orange under my bottom lip. I thought wow, is this from iodine tincture? Well my endo comes back and orders me his own labs. In 3 days the results were TSH of 19, low t4, and still low/in-range T3, AB's were >600. He said I had Hashimotos. I still wonder if that iodine caused the higher TSH - it's the only thing I did different. I def know we need some iodine, but I don't recommend ever using this iodine test of the skin. I think it puts too much iodine in our blood and maybe not a good kind, this tincture. Very little must go a long way.

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The iodine skin test was debunked a long time ago. It bears no relation to your iodine status, I'm afraid.


"Most of us would test positive for an iodine deficiency,"

In that case, why Don't most of us have Hashi's or Graves, if his theory is correct?


wow good info!!!!!!!


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