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Been on T3/T4 for a week now

Hello I started T3/T4 combination a week ago exactly. Endo suggested reducing my T4 from 100 mcg to 50 mcg and 20 mcg of T3 split over two doses one 10 Mcg on waking and one dose at 2 pm.

I feel a bit better not the earth shattering difference I was hoping for but I am still really tired in the afternoons even after taking my second dose of T3 I feel I still need a nap- 3 pm is my crash time!

My daily migraines are still occurring but they have changed seems to be every second day the migraine is starting in the afternoon/ early evening which is much more manageable than waking up everyday to a migraine- which makes me think maybe I need a larger dose of T3 in the afternoon? or I've read some people take T3 over three doses- maybe this would work for me?

I'm still tired going to bed about 9:30pm sleeping through till 7:30 am, I know starting on T3 can give you headaches for 7-10 and maybe i'll notice a difference with my migraines in more time.

Will I feel better once the excess T4 has cleared my system? will it take about 6-8 weeks for this as I understand the T4 last a lot longer in your system.

Also It will probably take about 6-8 weeks for my adrenals to settle?

I've been taking my body temp every morning and my heart rate- my body temp has reached 37.0 once in 7 days its between 36.3 and 36.8 most mornings, got to 37 a few times in the evenings before bed.

heart rate has dropped from 105 to 73

I'm going to wait about 6-8 weeks before going back to my g.p as I think I might need more T3 but I know I will have to wait a bit longer but I don't want to wait 6 months till my next endo appointment.

Previously my TSH was 4.41 on 100 mcg of Levothyroxine so I am now only on the equivalent of 110mcg I am thinking 125mcg might be more beneficial.

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I was on exactly that same amount of T4 and T3 for a trial period. My endocrinologist has written to my GP asking that I have the T3 prescribed, but I don't think they are going to do it. I funded the T3 for the trial myself.

Like you, I didn't feel any earth shattering change, it was subtle changes. I felt warmer, my digestion was better, my hair felt soft again ( rather than dry and harsh). I also slept more deeply at night, and woke up feeling refreshed. It's early days for you as you've only been on it for a week. I do hope you will feel the benefit in time. MariLiz

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