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I am 38 year old guy whose thyroid was removed when I was 30, so 8 years ago. My job asks for lot of physical work, I was not able to cope on only T4 and since I didn't have money to go private I decided to experiment on my own. I didn't have anything to loose, I was on the edge of my life, work, everything. So I ordered T3 and tried with combining these two. Did it for a while, but without any significant improvement. So I decided to drop Levo and go on T3 alone. I am doing this for few years now and I am back in shape. I work a lot, I go to a gym (still single, have to keep myself fit :) ). Anyway, I am listening around how I should take vitamins and minerals when on T3. Is this necessary? I really hate taking this large multivitamin tablets, they usually make me sick after I take them, especially when they have lot of vitamin B complex inside. Also good vitamins are not cheap and I am always short of money. What do you think, do I need them or not and if I do can somebody recommend good but not expensive multivitamin that doesn't give you this aftertaste as most of them do. Thanks a bunch.

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  • In America you can get some very cheap strong multivitamins, I was getting GNC's Ultra Mega for Women, 3 months supply for just $22 with shipping on amazon. iHerb also have cheap ones, but I guess you are not here, I don't know how much customs would charge you over that. I don't know is it necessary that you take them at all, I mean if you eat healthy and you feel good as it is, I suppose there is no need for that.

  • You should see amazon uk! Prices are terrible. Basically all european amazons are so much more expensive than american. I really don't understand why.

  • Whether or not you need vitamin supplements is not something anyone else can tell you. If you eat good quality fresh meat and plenty of different vegetables daily, you may well be getting everything you need. If you feel well all the time, then you probably are well and don't need to spend money on vitamin supplements, regardless of what thyroid hormone you take.

  • Good, than I won't be wasting money on vitamins if I don't need them. I just saw everywhere people talking about T3 and vitamins, I thought this is something that must go together. I'm relieved now.

  • This is really interesting. I've been flirting with the idea of going T3-only as well. Would you mind telling me what dose T4 you were on, and what dose T3 you currently take? Also, what was your process switching over? Was it difficult?

    As for your question, I feel the same way about large multi-vitamins. I had a hard time with them -- they made me sick. I find that I do really well just taking vitamin D3 and some magnesium at night. I'm of the mindset that you should really only supplement what you know you are deficient in. For me, that's vitamin D. I also take Selenium, but if you're on T3, your probably wouldn't benefit from it much. Hope that helps!


  • Hi Hypoguy. When I was on levo I was taking 200mcg of it. When I added T3 I lowered the dose of levo, I was changing this ratio, basically experimenting but could not feel any significant improvement. I think I had a problem with T4, maybe I was not able to convert it to T3, I really can't tell for sure. Anyway, one day I decided I'll stop taking levo, I just took 62mcg of T3. I was then adding a bit more every week, went up to 125mcg but after a while realized that I don't need that much so I found my spot on 100mcg. It wasn't really hard, especially since I was feeling so bad on levo that I didn't have anything to loose. I started to feel much better on T3 within weeks, in few month I was good as new.

    About vitamins you are right, not all of us need every single vitamin and mineral, maybe as you said. just what we are missing in our diet for example.

  • Thanks for the info! Very helpful. How many times a day do you dose the T3?

  • 3 times. Tried to do it all in the morning which would be more easier but I just didn't feel right that way. This way I feel much better. Have my mobile set to remind me when to take it, otherwise I would probably forget.

  • Good to know. I'm assuming you get your T3 on your own and don't mess with the doctor? If so, I may message you privately with a couple questions regarding that (if that's okay). Thanks! Very helpful.

  • No problem, you can send me message with whatever interest you. Yes, I a getting meds on my own, no doctors involved. Will be glad to help if I can.

  • Thank you!

  • If you take a lot of vitamins/supplements, I suggest you take the multiple and/or others either in a liquid or powder (capsules) form. When you take those large hard multivitamins, your body may take awhile to break them down and thus your body will not get the full benefit (assimilate) them all and you will lose a lot when you urinate. It's also difficult for your stomach to digest those monster vitamins. They can also cause constipation (especially those with iron) if you are not very physically active. Some supplements even come in "drop" form. You can "squeeze" your supplements into your daily juice, tea, water, or other drink of choice. Just make sure to read the bottle to get the correct amount as some supplements have to be taken two-three times a day to get the right dosage. Believe me, after a harrowing experience of vitamins not all digesting they way they should, I ended up with stomach and colon difficulties; that led me to a very good nutritionist though and some good advice, so I'm just passing it on...bottoms up to your good health!

  • Thanks Beimmunewise. Yes, I noticed that some multivitamins are making me sick, my body probably don't have any use of them so they are just torture to my digestive system. I suppose there is a big difference between them all - who is producing them, in which form they are coming, etc. Nowadays, there are so many vitamin producers, so I suppose many of them are low quality and when they are like that we are just wasting money on something that doesn't do us any good.

  • Good advice.... Thanks :))

  • The only way you can know if you need vitamins and minerals is to get them tested. Start with :

    vit D

    vit B12




    Then, if your B12 is low, just supplement with B12. If your iron is low, supplement with iron.

    But your levels might be good. And there's no point in taking vits and mins if you Don't need them. And some of them should not be taken in excess - like iron and vit D.

    I certainly wouldn't take a multi-vit! They are for healthy people that Don't need them. lol In other words, a bit of a con. They Don't contain enough of anything to treat a realy deficiency, but do contain things you Don't want, like iodine and calcium. So, forget the multi-vits.

    The only reason you see T3 and vits mentioned together is that often, hypos have nutritional deficiencies. And if you have nutritional deficiencies, your body will not be able to use the hormone you're giving it. Not because you aboslutely need to take them if you're taking T3. :)

  • Thanks, this makes things more clear. I was wondering why everyone on T3 were so much about vitamins. "Multivitamins are for healthy people" - that was a good one have to admit :)

  • :D

  • Hey greygoose🌏You mentioned vitD should not be taken in excess.... My endo wants me taking 5000 iu/ day....... Why can vitD be unhealthy for a person ???

  • I didn't say it could be unhealthy. Vit D is actually a hormone, rather than a vitamin. And, as you know, hormones need to be not too much and not too little. You need just the right amount.

    Also, vit D is fat soluble, which means that the body stores it up and doesn't excrete excess like water-soluble vitamins.

  • Hi Rowan🌏

    I have a question about t3........ Did you get nausea from it when you started taking just the t3???? And another question I just remembered...... Did your skin get itchy??? These are 2 sideeffects I'm having from straight t3 therapy .... I've only been on straight t3 for a few days...

    Thanks and have a great day🎄

    Ps... My endo told me to take 5000iu vitamin D..... Iodine 7 drops .. Not sure if the iodine is pertinent to your condition ..... You'd have to ask someone on site :))

  • Hi Julia. No I didn't get any of that, but I suppose we all react different to meds. Well, you are on it for 3 days, give it time for your organism to get used to it, maybe it will all pass during time.

  • I too have had my thyroid removed & only receive t4 & feel awful the majority of the time, could you please advise where you get your t3 & how much you take

    Kind regards

  • Just sent it.

  • Hello Rowan.

    Please can u send me the details on where to get the t3 from?

    I'm not getting any help from the doctors. I have had t3 in the past and it was great. Really helped. I just need a new reliable source.


  • PM sent.

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