better hair, fitter body/slimmer body/ and then what ????

then what happens, does the hair fall out, do es the weight go back twice as much , she is youngand fit and healthy with no hormones probs or hair probs...... if only it was that easy..

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  • Pettals, How long do these articles and their stay young & fit-regimes think the ageing process can be delayed?

  • lord knows clutter but recently my friend gave me a chick flick to read and models wanting to become 'angels' for some show or something I couldnt be bothered to read it all but they had to be a tiny weeny body, so girls

    were on 400 calories a day, and showing a perfect tiny waist and perfect slim body and perfection all over with thick long dark hair...

    for now! I remember not eating for 6 weeks back in 2000 over some upset I had, and then that 6 weeks was th e ruin and my hair has s uffered ever

    since, so the y may be young now and have long thick dark hair now and

    have super slim model bods now but watch thi sspace in 5 years ten years time... their hair will be falling out and hormones will suffer and they will be on here... hypo.adrenal hypo. hairloss/ hormone imbalance...

  • Pettals, Good health and youth are squandered by the young :(

  • we were all like that tho clutter we were young helthy and were never gonna get old and ill, I thought I would be 30 forever andhave long thick dark hair and a gorgeous figure and be forever young....... dreammmmmmmmmmmmmm sss

  • Pettals, Wouldn't have it any other way, I enjoyed myself enormously and didn't give a thought to ill health or infirmity. Never had thick hair though, 'twas very fine but quite a lot of it back in the day. :)

  • "Doctors have long understood that a short period on a liquid diet is a great way to give your digestive system a rest and reset your health equilibrium."

    What rot is that! Doctors know nothing about it! My doctor - many, many years ago, said 'go on a liquid diet, you'll lose kilos!!!' Well, I put three kilos on! And it did terrible things to my teeth and the Inside of my mouth. Teeth are there for a reason : to chew!!!

    What's more, if you read that Gwenyth Paltrow is a fan of something, you shouldn't touch it with a barge pole! She is seriously weird!

  • yes gwen partridge or who ever she is get s on my wick! a bit kike the kim-kardashsi-showoffs

  • Oh! Not quite that bad! lol

  • Personally I never read the daily wail as there are too many lies.

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