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Got some results

So I got some of my blood results but just the flaming lady who answered the phone was very reluctant too give them too me. I said ill have print out which she refused before talking too doc on Monday. Any ways my b12 has gone from 173 too 665 but my ferritin has gone from 5 too 8 so spatone isn't working. I need a good vegetarian iron supplement that's liquid not great on tablets any ideas. Lady wouldn't give me tsh only said it was normal advice please

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try solgar gentle iron supplements with 1-2 spatones a day. I can't take doctors iron as they are horrendous on my stomach. This combination got my ferratin up from 5-15 in a couple of months. I am a vegan, Solagar is not tested on animals too,which is a bonus. Under the data protection act, your doctors surgery should give you your results. March in there and ask in person for a printed out copy of your results and if in any doubt, request further testing of antibodies from your GP. Hope this helps!


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