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TSH is under 2 for the first time!

Hello everyone,

Last month, I had written a post on how terrible I was feeling. My TSH level last month was 5.37 and doctor had prescribed vertin 24 for vertigo instead of increasing my dosage.

I had increased my dosage from 62.5 to 75 mcg and this brought a drastic improvement in my health from last month. I have no dizziness spells now. Infact I spent a fantastic diwali week and felt good inspite of eating a lot of "forbidden" foods (refined sugars, gluten etc).

Today I got a test done and TSH levels are down to 1.37 for the first time! I feel elated. Now that diwali is over, I am going back to a proper diet and exercise regime so that my current levels of health are maintained.

Also, my search for a good doctor continues. I am going to meet a new specialist in a couple of hours, i hope he is understanding (unlike all the doctors I have seen till now) and is supportive of my decision to maintain my dosage at 75mcg.

Thank you for the advice and support from all members. Especially greygoose who helped me correctly diagonise my vertigo problem. It means so much to me.

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That's very good news and am glad vertigo is sorted as it is very unpleasant indeed. Especially if you've never had an attack before.

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Glad you're feeling better, nilu. And glad you enjoyed your celebration week - bet the food was good! :) So happy that you were able to fully participate.

But Don't over-do the exercise, will you, moderation in all things.


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