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Still feel terrible

Hi everybody,

I have been taking 100mcg of NDT ( made up by a compound pharmacist ) which has no brand name because it is made here in Australia. I have been on this doze now for over 5 or 6 months, with no real improvement except for the odd day here and there. My Dr say's my results are now normal but would like my T3 up a little higher. She has suggested that i increase my doze on week-ends only, by, half a capsule. I have difficulty doing this because its in powder form and never get it completely balanced ? i only have this extra on Sat and Sun, and i do feel a little better but not much.

Does anybody have any theories ?? I am taking all supplements except Iron and B12, as I am apparently at optimum levels according to my Dr, as apparently my B12 is in excess according to test results they have been like this for a long time. She doesn't give any explanation for this excess, or what would be causing it. My iron tests also always come back stating optimum levels but with low saturation ? what this means nobody has ever given me an answer.

I have recently lost my Mom, she died in my arms 5 months ago so this wouldn't help so Dr blames my lack of energy and body aches e.t.c on this and states that i am Burned out through having cared for mom for so long and having dealt with a lot of stress. I accept that to a certain extent, but dont feel what i am experiencing has got anything to do with my grief. I feel 100 years of age some day's with no motivation, ( depression no doubt ) but i feel its because i have no life, and again, because i have no energy. Not sleeping is also adding to my dilema , as some night its only four hours.

Having no quality of life doesn't help, its makes me more depressed. Can anybody help me . Thank you so much for reading this. I have put posts on here quite a few time's and always felt encouragement from all of you so am very grateful .

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Recovered7, I'm sorry for your grief but I think GPs are too ready to ascribe illness to bereavement and depression. Normal is an opinion, not a result, and I don't see how your GP can say results are normal but FT3 is low. It's low T3 which causes hypo symptoms. If you can post your recent thyroid results, ranges and vitamin and mineral results members will advise whether you are optimally medicated and whether vit/min levels are good.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


You say "My Dr say's my results are now normal but would like my T3 up a little higher. ". If you were in the UK this would mean your T3 levels are bumping along the bottom of the range and you need a reasonable increase. In the UK doctors seem completely paranoid about the dangers of overmedication (perhaps they fear being sued) and don't trust their patients to be able to notice the symptoms and reduce their dose if necessary. Do you have your results (with the ranges) that you could post here for comment?

Before the advent of blood tests apparently the system was for a doctor to increase the dose of NDT until the patient exhibited hyper symptoms, then decrease the dose until those symptoms went away. Since you seem to be in control of your own mediation you could consider adopting this approach.

I really hope you feel better soon


Thank you eeng,

i don't have the result but intend asking for it next i am there. I have increased the doze for three day's now instead of two, so will see if i improve. You just can't help feeling tired of being tired, and it certainly doesn't help when you have a husband to consider also. It isn't much of a life for either us and really do appreciate his patience as his life is affected also.


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