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Switching to NDT

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my NDT which I managed to locate online. I currently take levothyroxcine, 75mg on days one and two and 100mg on third day. Have read afew different things about swapping, whether you should swap straight away or leave a gap? What have others done please, how much do you think I should take? (I bought 30mg grain) and how long might I need to take them for until they take effect? (Fingers crossed) 😊

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I am sure you will feel much better on NDT. I am assuming the 30mcg is 1/2 grain as NDTs are measured in grains. 1 gr being 65mcg but equal to around 100mcg of levo (because it contains T3). 1/2 gr approx 30mcg levo.

You can switch straight over by taking 1 1/2 tablet = 75mcg or 2 tablets = 100mcg.

See above conversion chart.

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I personally stopped my levothyroxine 2 weeks before starting NDT as levo being T4 alone stays in the system for up to 7 weeks. Then started on 1/4grain and built up over 3 months.

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