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Do I have a thyroid issue?! Help!


In June I had a neck ultrasound which showed I had a nodule on right hand side of 5mm and a nodule on left hand side of 8mm. My neck constantly feels tender but was told nothing to worry about.

Blood test results back today:

Tsh: 1.66

Free T4: 13.9

Free T3: 4.4

These are in normal range but could I still have thyroid issues?

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Thanks for your reply:)

I believe I have symptoms...hyper all the time, anxious, swollen neck, difficulty getting to sleep though fatigued....


Do you have the ranges for the FT4 and the FT3. They look low, but impossible to say with any certainty without seeing the ranges.

Did you get tested for antibodies? TPOab and TgAB? If you have antibodies then you can have symptoms even with your thyroid hormones well in range.

There is no indication of hyperthyroidism there. The TSH is much too high. Your symptoms all sound hypo to me. Have you put on any weight? Are you losing more hair than usual? Do you have digestive problems? Any other unusual signs or symptoms?

I would suggest that your next step would be to get the ranges I asked for and post them here. Then ask your doctor to test


vit D

vit B12




The vit B12 is especially important, because if that is low, it will give you hypo-like symptoms.

Take care. :)


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