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From what I've read so far, Thyroid disease seems to be not so much a disease in itself but a symptom of something deeper. This website is very informative with lots of interesting videos explaining the processes which cause the body to attack the thyroid. I have found it a real eye-opener and I will now feel much more confident discussing these issues with my GP ;-)

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Most hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimotos auto immune disease so it is definately something a lot deeper.

You probably already know a great deal more than your GP.

Most don't consider autoimmune problems that important as the treatment (as quoted in their doctors guidebook) for hypothyroidism ( no matter what the cause ) is Levothyroxine alone.



Thanks for the link - it is helpful.


Very strange as it only covers hypo not hyper it's really difficult to find anything for graves

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Hello Rush

There is also info on Graves, I'm sure he mentions it on the Gluten connection video. You could email him and ask him to do a video on Graves ;-)

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