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Hashimoto's antibodies

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Does anyone know what, if anything, happens to Hashimoto's antibodies after the thyroid gland is removed? I had total thyroidectomy 30 years ago but health has continued to deteriorate since and I have systemic inflammation. Is Hashimoto's just one aspect of the auto-immune spectrum or is it the trigger and remains in the body continuing to cause destruction? Or maybe it's the Epstein-Barr virus I had earlier than Hashimotos that's still causing havoc? The inflammation is getting worse and more widespread. My GP says I just have to put up with it. Any thoughts?

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The antibodies go away after the thyroud has gone. For this reason current thinking says it may be a good idea to remove the thyroid early....medpagetoday.com/MeetingCov...

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Thanks galathea, very interesting article - I had a feeling that might be the case so I can probably discount antibodies as a source of inflammation. Not sure where I go from here - been adjusting my meds for the past 3 years since visiting Dr P and am now taking a cmbo of Thyroxine/T3 but I think I might be allergic/sensitive to the fillers in either or both of these. I'm wondering now whether to try NDT - I think there is one which has no fillers or very little. I despair of ever finding something that actually makes me feel better. Sorry to be a miserable cow!

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You donT come over as particularly miserable..... But then i always think i come over as awkward, when what I am trying to be is impossible... :-)

I debated for ages about taking ndt, ( i use Thiroyd or Nature throid) and now i wouldnT go back to the synthetics unless i xreally had to. I did ok on synthetics, but the ndt is just different.. It's kinder, smoother and it means that thyroid just is no longer an issue for me. for me, though thyroid medication has never been a wow i am cured, but always a slow sort of, hmm, i feel normal. I donT want to feel amazing all the time, just normal.

Of course i realise this doesnT answer your question about inflammation...... I think that once you get an auto immune problem, then you get others too and they all add up to inflammation....... I think the idea is, to calm down the immune system, but i have never really understood how itS done...... I think low dose naltroxene is part of the answer.... But thats as far as my knowlege goes...

Xx G

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Once diagnosed with thyroid antibodies they remain with you for life ... just in varying degrees.

The clue in galathea's article is ...[ .. The patients remained free of symptoms for an average of 7 years of observation..] .. indicating symptoms might eventually return.

Eating a gluten free diet and supplementing selenium and cucurmin has been shown to reduce high levels of TPOAb and TGAb but also the enzyme thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin which are their antigens.

As galathea suggests Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) can be helpful in lowering antibody levels by increasing the body’s production of the beta and metenkephalin endorphins that triple the activity of natural killer cells and balance over reactive TH-17. ..( I haven't tried it yet ! !..) ..

High antibody levels can encourage further inflammation in the body and other autoimmune disease.







Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


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Thanks for this. It seems that LDN is not routinely prescribed by NHS GPs from what I can gather but I'd certainly like to try it. Is it possible to obtain it privately? I fear my own GP would baulk at it - he didn't want to prescribe T3 and had never heard of NDT, so it's always an uphill battle.

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I don't know as don't take it myself.

Lots of info on link below though.



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Please can you explain what you meant in your reply to marlathome 2 years ago when you said:-supplementing with selenium & curcumin reduces TPOAb & TGAb but also the enzyme thyroid peroxidase & thyroglobin,their antigens

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Naomi8

You have just responded to a something written by Hidden. The name Hidden means that the person has left the forum.

You are unlikely to get a response.

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as it said it was written by an admin & signed off by "flower"I was just hoping!

thanks anyway,and explaining why it said hidden!

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You're not being a cow at all! Please don't feel bad for asking for advice and help. A few doctors I have seen have said that I have to just "put up with it" for symptoms that other doctors thought were imperative to be looked into. It seems that some patients end up feeling like they are a nuisance and feel unwelcome at doctors surgeries. It is a doctor's duty to help, they are paid pretty handsomely to do so.

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