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Help need to source new Endo

I was recommended a private Endo at the Nuttfield private hospital and although she was lovely and took her time with me I feel as though I may have just thrown anothe r fortune down the drain ...... So far a nice new leather jacket would have made me feel better . ..... Who ever advised and I am sorry to not mention you by name ... You were so right ... She was not interested in my Free T4 or Free T3 .... results Only my TSH which she said was suppressed at .21. In August and .14 in November ...... She was concerned as I have had Atrial Fibrilation in the past and the last few weeks have not been sleeping at night I though it was anxiety and I then realised it could be PalpitTions so , I took my self of the 1 1/2 grain and went down to 1 grain ... The anxiety and palls stopped but do feel tired in the afternoons........ Grey goose has told me that the TSH levels do not affect the heart ...has any one in the Leicester area got a Endo who does not just go by the TSH and uses the T4&T3 blood results ....... So disappointed !

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I did say the TSH level on its own doesn't affect the heart, just to be precise. :) It's the FT3 that counts. And, very often the TSH is suppressed when the FT3 is high BUT not always.

And at 0.21, your TSH isn't even suppressed. 0.003 is suppressed. I really wouldn't put much faith in her at all, I'm afraid.


Ok😊......let me see if I understand ... Because my Free T3 was 10 , then 7 it suppressed my TSH ,which in turn was not a true result ......even my Endo in the States liked the TSH range to be 1.0 .....I just read several articles from the Cleveland Clinic in USA .... You are at higher risk of AF if you have hypothyroidism and that low TSH .........(they like it at 1.0)can cause AF . I will ask on the forum if any one has come across this issue . 😊


We've all some across it. That majority of doctors believe this. They confuse suppressed TSH on thyroid hormone replacement - where FT4 and FT3 can still be well in-range - with something like Graves, where the TSH is uppressed and the FT3 well over-range. But even in the case of FT3 over-range, it is only an increase in risk of AF and osteoporosis, it isn't inevitable.

And what doctors Don't seem to understand is that taking any form of T3 is going to lower the TSH - of course it is, that's how it works. And they fail to appreciate that it is impossible to have a TSH in-range if you want your FT4 and FT3 to be high enough for you to feel well. Because the TSH is just doing its job.

You say your FT3 is over-range - but you still haven't given the range. So, yes, that is what 'suppressed' your TSH. Although, yours, as I said, isn't even suppressed, even though it's probably below range. But I didn't say it wasn't a 'true' result. I said it was irrelevant - Huge difference - because the only thing TSH does is stimulate the thyroid gland. TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. It doesn't have any connection with the heart or the bones. It just sends a message to the thyroid gland when the body needs more hormone. And that's it.


Olivia1955, it'll be a lot cheaper to order your own thyroid tests. Blue Horizon and Genova do hometest finger prick thyroid tests via If you post the results with the ranges on the forum members will interpret for you.

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