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what can I do to boost adrenals and cortisol level?

I thought I had cracked it with pregnenlone but I ama bit put off as it could convert to testosterone and not progesterone altho it is meant to convert what the body needs but hey- who knows what it t will do and I have lost so much hair and I am stiff necked stiff shoulders stiff everywhere and still feelingso unwell plus losing hair dialy and I dont have much as it is. I am sure I lackcortisol, I feel unwell and its 3 .20 am I am up as I am drenched insweat and have awful head pressure, and weird sensations. fed up.

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Could you take cortisol? i did, for two years..... Have you done a saliva test so you can see exactly when you are low?

I know it's stupid o clock... I have given up on sleep and have. Done the ironing and painted a wall. have barely slept for two weeks as i have a mad sinus infection and cannot breathe throuh my nose at all.... Breating through my mouth whilst lying down is impossible. Have tried steam, salt washes... Hot towels... Ice packs.... And am running out of ideas......

i donT want to hijack your thread but i do feel better for a moan....

G xx


hi yes I have been awake since 3 am, as usual,i have head pressures and thrashing about uncontrollable and i think it is a cortisol prob, been under a heckof a lot of stress and got the mother of all stiff necks and i KNOW I space bar this but this stupiddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd bloody soddingcomputer doesn't space it unless I bang it and Im soooooooooo irritable with feeling sooooooooooooooo ill all of the TIME SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM. no you are NOT HIJACKINGITIS NICE TOHAER OTHERS ARE UP ATTHIS STUPIDOCLOKC AND IWISH YOU BETTER SOON, now the ruddy caps are on, ther eis a gremilin in this thing as well as in my body- I could ask for cortisol but sinc ehe did adrenal test s in summer I doubt I wl get it- he has sucha backlogof workicant gethold of endo it pisses me OFFF OFF OFF. oh dear rant over andm y ear is killingme afteri damagedit afet a successfulop 20 months ago, see no spaces again..... I am so fed up G, i hope you can dechiper this xxxxxxxxxx

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Oh poor you. What does your endo say & practitioner say?

I was using Siberian Ginseng & Liquorice Tincture but have had to stop for a while as its not to be used with high BP.


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flower tryingto get hold of him is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have lost count hw many letters/emails I have sent now.i think he takes onto much an d forgets, aswheni first saw him he mentined I could try hydro cortisone but then I had blood cortisol done and that was normal because it measures th e boundup useless bloody cortisol as well and gives a higher reading. why dont doctors understand thatsaliva is the true reading! and they are notlisteningabout my ear whichis killinhme so I think I have ear infection so if I have low cortisol I will produce excess substance P to fightinfection which it isn't fighting as I am suffering big timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and sub p is painful inmy headddddddddddddddd. can you hear me yelling!!!! :D :D


Oh yes ...... and it's very very loud.! ! ...

I think you are stopping and starting too many things.

You need to get focussed on what he says and act accordingly. Chase up the hydocortisine. You said you felt well on that before.

Am just replying to your other.



Yeah, we can hear you..... Ear infections are horrid. My earliest memory is of sitting next to the aga at day nursery when i was 3 with ear ache. I used to get abscesses in my inner ears which used to burst the ear drum. One a year. When i was 10 they took out my tonsils and addenoids and the ear abscesses went away. Two years later they started appearing round my teeth. I have had about 30. Why not get a saliva test done privately, then get a cortisone dosing schedule from the yahoo forum?

Xx g


Gawd i sound so blase about thise abscesses.... I have one atm and getting it sorted on the 25th.... It no longer absolutely kills because most of the nerves in my teeth are long gone. :-(


yes more moneyG,I have spent onlotions potions pills supps for my hair loss and now nautrethroid and 23 and me and more tests and another lyme tets from doctors lab,my whole pension all nextyears as well on tests, I wonderi dontjustorder some hydro and done withit


wouldn't it be best to find out WHY its low? You can't bring it up if it's caused by bad adrenal glands or a damaged pituitary. But, it can be brought up if it is only cause by low thyroid..but would want to find out why that is low too. It takes some work. My pituitary is damaged.


yes you are so right faith does anyone else get excess sweating and awful head pressure is it low cortisol?


head pressure, with the worst pain you ever had, is cerebral spinal fluid too high. Head pressure, may be just a headache. I have never felt a pressure feeling. I get the sweats, when i wake up early and have to get out of bed, before my normal time. I used to get horrible hot spells, where my entire body would feel very warm inside and i would sweat i was in a microwave, cooked from the inside out, that all, is missing hormones. Sometimes you have the hormones, but because of inflammation, your cells don't use them correctly. It got better for me once on even a small amount of t4, but then, other things got worse. This all started when i got hashimotos, so i am hoping putting that into remission helps. I need to see a pituitary specialist in another state and haven't been well enough to travel.


oh yes the pain is horrendous like myhead is beingcrushed and I wondered about spinalfluid but funny nomedical thinks like that, I have sweats and thought it was down to misssinghormones and sinc ei have missing hair I have missing hormones or i am missing something..


if it is the worst headache, then, from what i read, you need medical care now. Have you had rapid weight gain? The increased fluid pressure and weight gain, can damage or crush the pituitary..the master gland of all hormones. Do you have Hashi's too?


yes faith I have hashi, no rapid weightgain, I started dthis head thing2010 and been fighting them eversince,iam now waiting for EEG another 6 months, in uk we have a long wait- ithink yu are usa?


6 months is criminal! This is what obama is trying to do to us here! Don't get me started!!..anyway.. can you get a ct scan of your head, by going to the hospitals emergency department? That is a normal procedure here for severe headaches.. Unfortunately, spinal fluid headaches, need a spinal tap for diagnosis. I think that headache would have you screaming in pain, a different type than you have now, i think.

Sign up for dr isabella wentz's news letter, to address the root causes of hashi's and other autoimmune disease, which focus on what we eat and Gut problems. Mainstream medicine has no treatment for autoimmune disease, other than dangerous steroids, that shut your immune system down. I don't see that you are getting anywhere the way you have been going! I am now seeing a functional medicine doctor for help.

Do you remember Spandau Ballet? I watched a documentary on them last night. Somehow, i was reminded and thought id mention it. Maybe you aren't even old enough to remember them.


oh yes I am old enough to remember them faith, why th connection? I am att the second best neuro hosp here , the first being London bridge which I could not afford, I would be sorted now if I could go there. but I am nhs which I am duly thankful for but we have an overloaded country, we are a very tiny country and struggling in every way to cope so the wait is long and it will only get longer, we are a tiny island and we will sink one day under the weight. the head pressure is not there allof thetime an mainly at night. it is 2.38 am here an d I am up as I am panicking over my ear which I know I damage after an op simply because I cant think smartly aaanymore and wondering how I am everto gethelp now a si had th ebest surgeon ever so they think that because I have no middle ear now thatthere should be now problem but I know thereis aproblem ihave a chronic stiff neck, I am soooooooooo fed up, I have about 3k to pay off onmy credit cards and it is all on lotions potions pills and tests and consultants and hair stuff and healthstuff.. it never ends.


The only connection is that they are from the UK, London.

How did you damage your Ear?

With low thyroid and Hashi's, i went thru a period of symptoms of inner ear and everything checked out fine. 1 year of muffled hearing and then gone. Chronic sore throats and swollen sinus's too. Makes perfect sense, when your body thinks your thyroid is a foreign are going to feel like you are ill Sometimes i feel like i have the flu.

M<y neck and upper back get really tight, shoulders too. When stressed, my vision gets worse..odd, and i swell all over. Stress makes my hashi's flare up badly.

I doubt you are properly medicated either. Then you lose hair. The rashes and other things are hashi's and whats really bad is, the lower your thyroid, the worse the hashi's gets. The immune system is worse with low thyroid levels. Have you had your ft3 checked?

I have insomnia and can be up until 8 AM!!! i sleep until 2 cortisol to wake me up, no normal rhythm to put me to sleep.


oh dear you sound like me faith, I hav e just gotup at 2am ina panic with stiff neck and ear. I had ear infections and perforations for years since I was 6. I am a pensioner now, a young one even tho!

I have been so ill of later years and was aslo under hosp for ear and kept telling them that something wa s very wrong they didn tlisten. after the umpteenth time it burst, I was sent back to hosp because ethey had previously discharge me with ears tha t were 'fine'.

howver isawa new doc there and he had gone thru my notes and said how appalling they were and gave me a scan and they operated quickley as I had a large cholesteatoma growing. it was headingtowards my brain and I would have got a tumor or menigitas. it had eaten away all my hearing bones, exposed my facial nerve an d gone into the mastoid and done a lot of damage.

the itching was intolerable and I prodded it with a cottonless bud stick and felt a lump with I tugged at thinkingit was congealed matter and it has been in pain eversince 20 months go- I am sure I gave myself infection or structural damage as the only bone left was the stapes an di had no ear drum. I have tried to tell them that I poked it without actualty saying i tugged anything now I am confessing in a letter as I wonder if that has given me the stiff neck but my ear is so painful and as I had the best surgeon they are saying its fine but it should be fine it was ll sterilized an di unsterilized it. I could kick myself I am now suffering and have no money to have investagive surgery.


This is terrible.. maybe it is why your neck is feeling stiff. it really seems they should be able to look in and see what is going on. There are not that many parts in there and they are easily visible. Can you see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist? That is where i went last year. They should know whats wrong, an infection can be seen and tested for. Seems you are not getting proper care, them ignoring you like this. Again, can you go to the hospitals emergency department and say the pain is terrible or something, so you can get help now? Maybe antibiotics and pain meds?

There must be something you can do..unless, your medical system doesn't work that way.


I was there at the micro suction clinic as itiis a life longthingthing now micro suction but doc looke din there and said all clear and healthy but that is aonly what he can see, my point is beyond that, he says but you had the best surgeon ,yousee nothinggoes wrong with surgeon he is thebest ,it was me who fudged it up by poking an prodding, it was 5 months after the delicate op thati tugged at somethingwhich has obviously healed but I dontknow whati infected if I infecte dnythingor maybe I dislodge the stapes which was left and the drum grownso know one knows unless they cut itopen again..


i don't know what to just need another opinion and quickly, you should not be left to suffer.


yes its a nightmare all of it ear ,hormones lack of resources and money both with me and the nhs. guess you are just gettingup now faith. I have been awake since 2 am thi smorning and I cantsleep at all


it is a nightmare..i got a few hours of sleep and waited for a refrigerator repair man and parts that never showed up. It has been out 1 week , spent nearly 2 hours this week, getting jerked around by these A Holes!! and i lost all of my food. I spend much of the time fighting online order issues. Ebay Amazon, Cable is a nightmare. Customer service is poor. I am freaked out most of the time. Not slept much in 5 years now. I have a psych. Evaluation for Gov. Disability tomorrow morning and i will have been up for nearly 48 hours by then. I am really offended and nervous about it.

I am seeing this functional medicine doctor and i am taking supplements for my messed up neurotransmitters and Gut. She says my anxiety, panic, insomnia and hashimotos, all go together. I should be much better in 3 to 6 months after treatment, Then i hope to go to Boston's Pituitary Center.. It has indeed been horrifying..losing my health and independence . I am actually pretty much bedridden today from stress. My fridge and washing machine broke on the same day this week and the last week of October, my health insurance price went too high for me to afford. I lost half my income with it.

I don't handle this stuff very well.

Do you have family?


it is 2:08 PM here, what time there?


it is 19.33 pm here, bit chilly but then I am always cold


p,m. you




I am just watching the barefoot contessa, she is cooking for her Jeffrey when he comes home for dinner in her lovelyhouse in her lovely large garden..


that is a very good older movie, i know, but never have seen it.


movie, ? ours is a weekly cooking programme?


interesting. yes..a movie from 1954..

The Barefoot Contessa

1954 ‧ Mystery/Crime film ‧ 2h 10m




Rotten Tomatoes

Washed-up film director Harry Dawes (Humphrey Bogart) gets a second chance at stardom when he discovers stunning peasant Maria Vargas (Ava Gardner) dancing in a nightclub in Madrid, Spain. Goaded by his producer, strong-arming Wall Street financier Kirk Edwards (Warren Stevens), Harry convinces her … More

Release date: September 29, 1954 (USA)

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Initial DVD release: June 19, 2001

Screenplay: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Music composed by: Mario Nascimbene


oh how funny our barefoot contessa is American but she is a chef cooking yum stuff each week and adores Jeffery her hubby and he comes home and eats...


I will have to google it and see if it's on here too. I have never heard of it, but i don't watch TV or Cable, only Amazon and Netflix..movies and tv shows..older, no commercials. I am so out of touch.


Dear bluepetals2

Adrenal fatigue could be the cause. Have you dropped the caffeine? but make sure that your sources of fat are from natural, whole foods.

"Cut out the caffeine

Caffeinated drinks might make you feel great for a short period of time, but they are adding significant stress to your adrenal glands and endocrine system. Caffeine stimulates your adrenals to produce adrenaline and cortisol in exactly the same way as they do during a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. Over time, as your adrenals become depleted, they become less and less able to respond in the same way. Adrenal fatigue sufferers often report that ‘coffee does nothing for me’, but this is often due to the fact that repeated stimulation has left their adrenals so depleted that they are unable to respond appropriately."

Cortisol levels and hormone regulation table:

Hashimoto's and autoimmune diseae : Leaky gut and how to repair digestion with Colostrum:

My story is here: I tried levothyroxine and it has not made me feel that much better, produces lethargy and heaviness in my limbs, however people respond differently: There is a very significant connection between Hashimoto's thyroiditis and leaky gut , and leaky gut causes autoimmune deficiency and related diseases arsing out of compromised immune system: I found Colostrum has a great tendency to repair leaky gut and , if you repair this the your immune system stops attacking thyroid function. Things you can do to help support your route back to health, there are many.

I am supposed to be (I have a big resistance to pharmaceuticals encouraging dependence; and not treating root cause, and to this multi billion dollar Industry itself) on synthetic thyroxin for Hypothyroidism? Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Levothyroxine 25mg. Because my TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is rocketing. Meaning it is working hard to coax the thyroid into producing normal levels of thyroxin, as you know. Grave's disease is also an autoimmune problem producing high levels of thyroxin.

So I have been researching the 'leaky gut' connection causing autoimmune response: and feel there is a connection there due to many prescription of antibiotics I had, years ago, and amongst other contributors toward leaky gut. I found that there are 3 supplements that give strong support and help repair porosity of leaky gut: 'Colostrum' which is also said to be tested with good results in The Royal Hospital; L Glutamine, and Quercitin.

( Please copy and paste links into google if they are not active here, as you know it will take you to the site and info you require: Highlight link address, then to save click Ctrl and 'c' then to paste in google click 'Ctrl' and 'v'; Thank you)

You will be aware of the debates around iodine. Our water with its treated fluoride and chlorine levels displace the iodine levels in our bodies: Iodine, chlorine and fluoride are referred to as halogens, and are atomically interchangeable, meaning iodine will be absorbed by what it is in our water: I filter my water, and have been doing for many years.

Natural routes:

Endocrine system and adrenals can be deeply affected and put out of balance by caffeine. I don't take caffeine, for over a year now, and feel so much better off it too! Wheat and gluten free diet has been adopted (for over a year). Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and Kelp for mineral replacement, and Fulvic Acid Restore helps too. I have now adopted a high level of raw food intake: fresh fruit and vegetables, which can induce many positive changes, taking in live enzymes. I don't know it any of this is of use to you? I hope so. Thank you again for sharing wishing you all rapid healing and recovery.

Apologies I have written and included quite a lot here but as you go along you will find it is a very involved subject:

Here is what is said about colostrum:

"Colostrum aka "pre-milk" is produced by all mammals (including humans) during late pregnancy for their newborn to drink in the first few days of life, just before the breast milk comes in. The purpose of colostrum is to act as a form of passive immunity and provide a hefty dose of anti-bodies, such as IgA, IgG and IgM, which help to build the newborn's immunity. It also contains antimicrobials and several growth factors.

Growth factors for what, you say? Glad you asked.

You see, when a newborn comes into this world, he/she has holes in their gut to allow for the colostrum and the large proteins (anti-bodies) to easily pass through the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream to make it's way around the body. So while essentially this makes the newborn's gut "leaky", it's a physiological (completely normal) process unlike the pathological leaky gut that I, as well as many others, have suffered from.

Growth factors (such as epithelial and epidermal) stimulate the gut to develop and essentially patch up the holes within the first 2-3 days of birth. Really think about how incredible that process is. Then consider what a colostrum supplement could do for your damaged gut.

The uses of colostrum for leaky gut and various autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more popular again as people are beginning to realize that the foods we put in our body directly affect it's ability to heal itself. The links I've provided below, and especially the ones located in my original post on this topic {found here}, provide some remarkable information that I highly recommend you read through.

Here is a piece from an article (found here) that sums up the link between leaky gut and disease very well:

"Leaky gut syndrome is directly associated with many autoimmune diseases, including allergies, alopecia areata, Alzheimer's disease, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, food allergies and sensitivities, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, Raynaud's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and vasculitis. (17-27) The connection between leaky gut syndrome and these autoimmune conditions is the antibodies created by the body in response to the toxic substances and undigested fats and proteins that leak into the bloodstream and attach themselves to various tissues throughout the body, create an allergic response, trigger the destruction of tissues and organs, and create inflammation. As toxicity increases, autoantibodies are created, and the destruction and inflammation become chronic. There is a tipping point at which the body cannot recover from chronic inflammation, and pathological (disease) diagnosis follows."

Diabetes, depression, cancer, asthma, autoimmune disease, skin disorders, heart disease, inflammation, and even athletic performance are among the many reasons people are supplementing with colostrum. The list goes on and I personally have experienced it heal my gut, reverse nearly all my food allergies/intolerances (still healing-- but I'm about 95% there) as well as improve the quality of my hair, skin and nails.

I hope this is of some support to you?

Warm regards


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if i were you, i would consult with a functional medicine professional, get the right testing done and do what they say will help. I have leaky gut and was put on supps, to help my certain, particular lack of digestive enzymes and probiotics.


Dear Faith

Thank your for your input and support.

Very much appreciated.

God bless



dear Colette thankyou so much for bothering with a longpost, it isvery helpful, when you dont feel well looking it all up from scratch is tiring and I have done years ago, I have actually just bought queritin cholostrum and take l - glutamine, I agree wth everything you say here except if I may point out that we need iodine, I am sure its fluoride, chlorine and bromide that are the halogens and iodine gets booted out when these other 3 bullies fight it to ge t to the thyroid first, if I am wrong accept my apologises and thankyou so much for all the info above, its is very helpful. xx.p.s. I drink tea, nota lot but never coffee.


Dear Bluepetals 3

Thank you for your response. Great to hear you are doing so well with your research . Yes I too am taking iodine: kelp, for iodine supplementation. And have Lugol's iodine too. Yes you are correct, I learnt that they are all halogens: Iodine , chlorine , Bromine. fluorine, atomically compatible, interchangeable atoms, therefore the chlorine and fluorine in water absorbs iodine and displaces our natural iodine stores in our bodies. I filter my water. I was drinking green tea very low in caffeine, but had adrenal fatigue, and a very irritable bladder. Within a week of dropping caffeine, I was no longer urinating as frequently, and I felt so much more relaxed, much less jittery, and irritable. and hot flushes , much less. I have been off caffeine for over a year now. And feel so much better for it. Adrenals are in recovery.

the colostrum, I ma noticing I am suffering less from the stubborn constipation. And My intestines feel more firmer, less gelatinous. I will continue with the same and similar supplementation, as you, for while. It will be interesting to see what the next blood test reveals? TSH was very high, working overtime to keep thyroxin at a level just under normal range which meant my body was under extreme stress

I am looking at my belief systems and emotions, under conscious spot lamp. And avoiding stress as much as I am able.

Love and Prayers Bluepetal3. Wishing you rapid healing. God bless



Colette, I spoke to ravi from cool herbals in Ilford and I was reading something but cannot remember what, this is hard but the concensus is too think - pray- as if your request has already happened and to feel the emotion of that as ONE thought, I remember now it was a utube I cantremember who now, but it was quite uplifting I will see if I can find it and I a m goingto try to stick to it , it costs nothing! God bless you too


Dear Bluepettals2

Thank you for all your input and interesting responses. A the videos are vey much appreciate and I have been exploring these avenues for many years now , so your instincts to send them are sharp and well honed. Thank you so very much. I fully appreciate you support. Yes, I know I have read that we behave as if the wish is fulfilled: Law of attraction. Lyne Grabhorne; Neville Goddard, (Earlier proponents of this Before Joe Vitale and The Secret).

Ps I hope you have received all my other responses? If you know about Hemi-synch, you will be aware you use your headphones for more potent effect.

We are expansive Beings, all of us. Not the sum total of our fears.

Thank you. Thinking of you

Love and Prayers



that music was haunting- ilove it! I want to get the cd. thankyou too collette God bless- He is out there somewhere!


I feel well on pregnenolone. If you do try it, make sure it's sub lingual or Micronized Lipid Matrix. Start low and up the dose gradually.


heysilverfairy,ineverknew you could get sublingal or micronized? where from. itake preg wheni remember butwas putoff a sitcould convertto testosterone then dht so dr ray shaheilian says.. and I have dht in my hair follicles and hardlyany hair, everything has its fores and agaisnts..


I take Source Naturals Cherry Flavoured Pregnenolone 25mg I started really low and upped my dose every week. I have tried two other types of preg that were not sublingual and never saw any change.

I had more motivation, less aches and pains, more energy, I lost some weight (probably due to be more active) libido went up, no hormonal flushes. Not huge amounts but enough to make me happy :) I took nothing else 'new' at this time so I could be sure.

I got to 150mg and began to feel 'restless'. I was taking progesterone at the same time so I stopped that and went back to feeling as I was again. Personally, I feel it changed to progesterone in me. I am back on them after a weeks break to see if I notice any difference.

I also have read that the body changes it into whatever it needs.

If you start low and feel that it's not right for you, then stop.

I did loads of reading up on it (if you go to American body building forums there is a wealth of info, as they take hormones, do testing etc and you can get a real feel of how these 'supplements' affect people by how they react but also by what the blood tests reveal).


By the way, I had no tests done on my levels as I really cannot afford it.

If you are worried that it will turn to testesterone then get bloods done.

Pregnenolone, by what I have read is safer to take than DHEA.


silver fairy I have often said we should see abody builder to sort out our hormones , they know more than endos doctos consultants prof put together. wher do you getyourpregfrom? mytestosteron is 2

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I work near a gym which, when owned and operated under previous management, supplied 2,4-Dinitrophenol to a member.,4-D...

Manslaughter charges were brought.

I wouldn't trust a body builder's advice as far as you could throw them. Given their often huge muscle mass, that isn't very far at all.

Some body builders have put a lot of effort into understanding but even then, their experience is mostly with otherwise healthy people.


I agree to a certain extent, there is extremism everywhere!

But on the American sites they do go for plenty of tests, so results are there in black and white. If a certain result comes up again and again well.....

Obviously you have to use your common sense too. I have seen comments where the person has started on a stupidly high amount, without doing any research.

We are all different and the same amount wont suit everyone but when I continually read good things around a certain product and certain dose then I think it's safe to say there must be some truth there somewhere :)

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I get mine from Amazon, it's not expensive. I tried their 50mg one, but it didnt work, it's not sublingual. I have also read that transdermal is not very good either.


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