Random Abuse

Hi All

Thyroid UK Admin and HealthUnlocked are currently in the process of dealing with some unpleasant people who have been signing up to the group just to cause trouble.

I would just like to reassure everyone that we are well aware of this problem and it is in hand.

If you are the unfortunate recipient of an unpleasant private message or a comment on one of your threads, please don't hesitate to report it!

The best thing to do with these people is ignore them, so please don't allow them to upset you or draw you into their petty arguments.

Please accept our apologies for any distress and/or inconvenience caused during this 'infestation'.


Louise Warvill

PA to Lyn Mynott

Thyroid UK

On behalf of the Admin Team

10 Replies

  • "Infestation" - are they cockroaches or parasites? :-D

  • Yes. ;)



  • I had a notification of a message bu it wasn't there when I went to read it...perhaps that's why ☺️

  • Ying-Yang3, the private message disappears after HU delete the account.

  • That explains a lot I've had a couple now

    Thanks ☺️

  • Ying-Yang3, click on the v down arrow next to the message to report to HU. Admins aren't notified of PM abuse reports but if cut and paste the message to an admin we'll follow it up with HU.

  • They've disappeared when I clicked on them but thanks

  • You just have to wonder why.

  • There are some really strange people around. These groups are here to help those of us who are suffering & sometimes alone with that suffering. Can't understand them.

  • Reminder.

    If anyone receives an abuse private message please report it immediately!




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