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Christmas Shopping? Support Us While You Do it!

Did you know that you can support Thyroid UK when you do your Christmas shopping? All you have to do is to register with which only takes a couple of minutes.

They even have a donation reminder which will show on your Google search and show as a bar you can tick at the top of the website you are visiting.

£1,258.75 has been raised for us so far since 2007 so let's see if we can get it to £2,000 by Christmas 2015. Tell all your family and friends about it too!

There are 3,000 shops that work with easyfundraising including M&S, Tesco, Argos, Sainsburys, Waitrose and John Lewis.

To register simply go to and follow the instructions. Download the donation reminder from the "Earn Extra Donations" tab in the top menu bar and then go shopping!

We want to do more campaigning next year and this needs money. You could really help us by registering.

Happy Shopping!

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Hi Lyn. I did this some time ago and not long after I had a conversation with one of the admins I think as I was worried that it hadn't gone through ok and we bemoaned the fact that there was nothing on the order form or booking form to say one had made a donation. I'm assuming it stays the same as I kept the site when I started the donation as a one click in my favorites. I don't know if there is any way we can suggest that either as individuals or as a group but it would be useful to know our wishes are being carried out.


Hi Silverfox 7,

easyfundraising have drastically changed their website now and it's so much better. You can now see how much you have raised and also see what other people are raising.

I'm not sure if you need to reregister or not. Would you mind going to the website and see what you can see? It should be a very easy to read website now. Let me know how you get on. Lyn x


Thanks Lyn. Will do as soon as I can!


Thank you for alerting me to this, I would have carried on thinking I was helping Thyroid UK and apparently not! Yes on looking through I have to register but at the moment I haven't anything I need to order but will sort out the paperwork when I do. It's about time I thought about Christmas!

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Have now ordered a few things and I can now access to see how much from my goods has gone to benefit Thyroid UK. It's not a fortune but then I haven't spent much but if everyone did the same I'm sure it would soon mount up and help Thyroid UK in appreciation for the very valuable help we have received.

Thanks for your post Lyn to alert me to this

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I've just registered and put my grocery shop on and Asda have made a one-off £2.75 donation. I'll try Tesco next time and hope they'll make a donation too.

Nothing showing on my donations but I guess it takes a few days to track and register.


Thanks Clutter! It does take a few days to go on but it's a good feeling to see how much you are helping. :-)

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