Only a Month to Go!

Only a Month to Go!

There is only a month to go until the first SurPrize draw of the 2015 Ali can competition!

To be in with a chance of winning a lovely prize worth around £30-£40 you need to enter the Ali Can competition!

Just guess how many cans Alan will be able to collect in his garden over the next year!

He has already started collecting cans and will continue to do so until 4th September 2016. At this time, the amount of cans will be announced and the person who guesses the closest, without going over, will be the lucky winner!

The prize will depend on how many people have entered the competition as Alan will match or double the amount raised from guesses and this will form the prize fund.


If the winner guesses within 50 cans, Alan will double the amount raised from guesses, if they don’t manage to get within 50 cans, Alan will match the amount raised from guesses.

For example:

Alan collects 100 cans and 50 people have entered the competition.

The winner guesses between 50 and 100 cans. This will mean that they will get £100 prize money!

The winner guesses between 1 and 49 cans. This will mean that they will get £50 prize money!

Entry costs £1 per guess.


As an added bonus this year, each entry will also qualify you to be entered into quarterly draws to win surprise prizes worth around £30 - £40 each!

These winners will be drawn from all of the guesses and will be drawn on the following dates:

Fri 4 December 2015

Fri 4 March 2016

Fri 3 June 2016

Fri 2 Sept 2016

PLUS one more when the total is announced! :)

If you would like to enter, you just need to fill in the entry form on our main website and make your payment - easy peasy!

Alan is supplying the cans and all the prizes and deserves a HUGE THANK YOU for his amazing fundraising efforts! PLEASE SUPPORT HIM :)




Anyone can enter as many times as they like.

Each guess can only win once on the quarterly draws. Each guess will be given a number and the winner will be picked using an online randomiser. Once that guess has won, it will be removed from the list for the next draw.

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