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Is 'Redditch' still around?

I posted the above member about their Dr in Warwick a couple of weeks ago and just wondered if she/he still posted on this site?

Sorry don't want to harass them but really would like info on Dr in Warwick they were seeing a few yrs ago and had success with.

Redditch if you are about would you mind contacting me through this site.

thanks so much, I really would appreciate it.

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You could try sending Redditch a private message. Here's her profile page, click on the message button at the right.


Hi Redapple

I did a couple of weeks ago but no reply. I feel cheeky posting this on here but I just need to try another tack and this Dr isn't too far from here.


Cat69, Redditch posted a couple of days ago. Why don't you send her a PM in case she doesn't see this post


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