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U&e satisfactory what does mean

ive had 3 blood tests over past year and my gfr is roughly 56-58ml with high creatinine 89umol

sodium 140 mmol

potassium 5.0

urea level 5.1

nurse said drink more water have i got anything to worry over early stages of renal failure

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Poor kidney function, or low GFR and high creatinine, are hypothyroid signs. See the table here: tiredthyroid.com/blog/2014/...

If you are already on thyroid medication, maybe you need a dose increase?


Hi no my thyroid function trst was normal. sorry was concerned abput the u&e and thanks for repkying


Hi It is just that the potassium is high, dangerous. Drink more water for it. Also do not take magnesium as it affects the potassium.



Lois you do nto give any details about your thyroid are you hypo? Are you on levo? If you are hypo and not being treated properly- beware the usual " your results are fine" and make sure you get the actual results for thyroid tests with the ranges.

From personal experience I can say that if your thyroid test results show raised TSH then your kidney function will be affected, in the same way raised TSH leads to raised cholesterol. The thyroid affects every system in our bodies. Poor thyroid function/treatment leads to poor most other things!!!

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Hi no my thyroid levels are normal (tsh 1.83) (free t4 15.) . it was just my u&e levels was abit concerned about ,,


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