Midlands Thyroid Support Group Meeting in Warwick - Saturday 5th December 2015 - 2pm

Midlands Thyroid Support Group Meeting in Warwick.

Do come and join us on Saturday 5th December 2015. If you travel by train then I could collect you from Warwick Parkway station.

Besides having support for your thyroid related problems you can borrow books (£2 each) and listen to inspiring success stories, learn more about your condition, and we just might, might have mince pies and gluten free mince pies.

Message me and I will give you the details.


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  • My wife and I both have thyroid problems and would like to attend your Decpember meeting. We would come by car.

    Ihb3goto. Or <email address removed>

    Many thanks,


  • Ian I will email you but strongly advise that you delete your email address in your post above as it can be seen by everyone.

    To send a private message you click on the person's name and click message.

    I will email you now.


  • Hi. Do you know if there is a Bristol based support group? Thanks alex

  • Alex I remember reading something about a Bristol get together. I would post a question about it.


  • I am in Northamptonshire. Do you know if there is a meeting in this area. I am on the Northants/Cambs border

  • Sorry Kimsey, don't think so, you could start a group, post on the health unlocked forum to see if anyone else is in the area.


  • Hi Kimsey1974, I am from Northampton. Are you planning to visit this meeting? I need to sort out my childcare issues, but hopefully I will be able to attend.

    Suze, where exactly will the meeting take place?

  • It will be in Warwick.

    If you would like to attend please message me your email address.


  • i would be interested in coming obviously depending on how much energy i have on the day, please send me deatils x

  • That would be great, I have sent you a private message. If you let me have your email address by replying to the message I will send you details and hope that you will be able to attend.


  • Hi, I'm in Barby near Rugby. I've only just been told i have a possible underactive thyroid, so i'm completely uneducated on what this means. I'd quite like to talk to others in my area with experience. Would I be welcome as a novice?

  • Absolutely, many of us wish that we had learnt a lot of what we know now at the beginning.

    Please message me your email address and I will let you know the details.

    Click on my name and click message then it's private.



  • Hello, ?

  • Is somebody hacking NT your account Gloriasister because I am f trying strange messages?

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