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Statins won't save you...

Statins won't save you...

It wouldn't surprise me! And sounds like the reasoning behind statins. But the picture has nothing to do with the text. :)

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Not sure if you remember I have told I come from family where most people have high cholesterol and are medicated. I just remembered or started to think about it and realized something. (this article reminded me of it and I have to share it as it is sort of funny yet far from it as well)

My mom has 8 brothers and 1 sister so there are 10 siblings. I will call them 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 and 10 :D

Number 4 and 6 have never had high cholesterol , nor high blood pressure or anything. But they were stressed out. At age 50 number 6 who was physically active and ate pretty healthy had to go through bypass surgery, his arteries were very clogged.

Number 4 at age 58 went through angioplasty , his arteries were clogged too. He was physically really active and had very healthy habits.

Number 1 and 2 (my mom) has had high cholesterol, both went through angioplasty before prescribed statins , neither one of them had clogged arteries.

Number 3 wants to take statins based on family history. Doctor did not want to prescribe them regardless of high cholesterol. Number 3 is 65.

Number 5 is on statins, feeling crappy. Number 3 does not care. Number 2 and 1 were prescribed statins which made them feel awful and they gave up hoping for the best :D

My both brothers had high cholesterol, other one is taking statins, other one reduced stress and voila, his cholesterol lowered to proper level.

My dad had high cholesterol but his cholesterol levels lowered when his psoriasis finally was treated and stress levels reduced.

So what do we learn from this? Stress might be a bigger factor causing heart diseases than just high cholesterol. This is how I see it based on my own investigations :D


Well, that's how a lot of people see it. And, also, low thyroid causes high cholesterol. Although not always. When I was first diagnosed, my total cholesterol was just 0.1 point over the top of the range. (But my then doctor had a fit, anyway. He screamed at me 'Madame! You are clogging up your arteries with butter!!!' lol)

When I raised my T3 levels to the top of the range, my cholesterol level ws 0.1 over the bottom of the range, which is dangerously low. Even the lab noted that it was so low it could cause a heart attack, but all the doctors I saw said it wasn't important - cholesterol can't be too low! they said. Well, yes, it can, actually. And if your liver makes cholesterol it's because the body needs it. But saying that just earnt me a lot of blank looks. It's so sad. They are killing people and they have no idea why!


I agree. I dont know about the thyroid status for anyone else except my mom's , dad's and the brother who managed to lower his cholesterol by reducing stress. He has elevated TSH and low vit D , I did stress him about more testing, but he is a man!!!!

I have tried to stress my mom's siblings to ask their thyroid status and whether it has even examined but they look like a big question mark, believing it is cholesterol issues and that is it :D

Now we are trying to get my mom's mom medical history from the archives, she passed away -98 and had all possible illnesses. But she also went through a lot of genetic testing so we are hoping we would find out something interesting.


Looks like you've got a lot of research on your hands! Good luck! :)


GG can you translate please, in light of your comments above to Justin's and also Beachcomber, re the Cholesterol and have listed wee test results also! previous results on this specific IRSA test........

BILAN LIPIDIQUE - norms in brackets.

* Aspect de Sérum - Limpide

* Cholestérol - 1.27 g/l (3.28 mol/L)

-Chol Oxydase C8000 Abbott

* Triglycérides - 0.45 g/l (0.51 mmol/L)

-glycérol kinase C8000 Abbott

Cholestérol H.D.L 0.54 g/L (1.39 mmol/L)

-Directe accelerator/Det.selectif C8000 Abbott

* Cholestérol L.D.L 0.64 g/L (1.65 mmol/L)

Formule de Friedwald


Transaminases ALAT........ 2.2 UI/L ... (inf to 34 U/l)

Gamma-glutamyl transférase GGT.... 53 UI/L ....(9- 36 U/L)


NItrites - Présence

Leucocytes - Présence

Absence of all following - Glycosurie, Sang, Acétone, protéinurie.



Couleur..... Jaune

Cellules épithéliales ....Assez nombreuses cellules épithéliales.


Leucocytes...nombreux leucocytes



Germes......présence de germes

À confronter au contexte clinique


Dont understand most of the tests re urine & ENZYMOLOGIE as not had done before that I remember.

Certainly last 2 urine infections were when I went back to UK, I had cystitis 2 summers running, about 2010/2011!



I have absolutely no experience of urine tests! lol But, from what I can gather here, there's nothing much wrong. Just elevated Gamma-glutamyl transférase GGT, and the presence of leucocytes and 'germes' suggest an infection. That's all I can get from it.

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Been out for break from computing.......Thanks GG.

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Thanks gg I have printed a couple off for future investment, might come in very handy also it's a short piece to read.

I did hear that new findings are that with high cholesterol you are less likely to have a heart attack than with low or even normal cholesterol. Top heart Doctors have been reporting it.

Hubby's Doctor prescribed a statin due to his 'very high' cholesterol, yet Hubby's FT4 was very low within range.

Note:- Hubby is certainly not taking that poison (statin) Why would he want to make his cholesterol lower to help bring on a heart attack.

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Exactly, Coastwalker! These doctors are so dumb, they'll believe anything - although, I have heard that a lot of doctors refuse to take them themselves, but keep prescribing them for their patients because they get funding points, or whatever for each patient taking them. It's just a business, really.

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Sorry for late reply gg, my email alerts from HU are still not working :(


No problem, CW. Mine often Don't work. I'm sure I've missed a lot of replies.


That's funny gg, I might be back on air again as the notification actually worked. :)

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No I was wrong , just my notification worked, no email alerts yet :( AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Oh dear...

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Back on form now gg, only 100 odd email alerts to get through :O


lol Good luck with that! :)

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