GP's unclear about symptoms of Vit D deficiency!

Article in times today about Vit D survey and saying 38% of mothers are ignorant of importance of Vit D and also health professionals mentioned for same!!

Title is "Mothers ignorant of Vitamin D levels" why do they always have a go at the Mums when they are relying on health professionals for help and guidance.

Nothing much changes then, says she sarcastically!!

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  • Crimple, not only GPs are unaware of symptoms of vitD deficiency, my endo insisted deficiency didn't cause bone pain when I told him hip and knee joint pain resolved when deficiency was corrected.

  • I can vouch for that too Clutter, if I forget my daily D3+K2 all pains come back to remind me to take it.

  • Nor the Orthopaedic surgeon I was under, nor a neurologist or the Physio I was seeing when the joint pain eased - she did notice my brown feet!

    The Osteopath knew 'tho....

    How can GP's ignore the Chief Medical Officer's advice?

  • PS - I thought there was going to be an update by SACN

    PPS - Bone pain is mentioned on the NHS Vit D page

    edit - found that SACN have made recommendations says the Times

  • You are not supposed to note any improvements in health without a doctors input LOL it's not allowed!! I believe it's called anecdotal and therefore isn't scientific!! I think there is more "scientific research" on thyroid issues goes on amongst the members than in any laboratory/NHS survey.

    I would be in a very sorry state if I didn't observe and take appropriate action!

  • I agree! I've taken to making a note of things like my body temperature, at key times (taking it only when I expect it to be horribly low), but the GPs treat me as some kind of neurotic twit for collecting what I would call "evidence". I tell them that I do it so that they can make "evidence-based decisions", but of course, they didn't ask me to do it, and they don't know what it means, so they'd rather not be confronted with it. I believe it must make them feel like a twit, so they try to push that label onto me so that they feel ok. Still, I'm doing my own thing now, so they've lost their chance to learn with me. I've left them behind, and that is very sad!

  • Sounds par for the course. I once drew a graph showing how my TSH levels went up and down over the course of 5 years!

    Whilst no explanation was offered I did get rather more things tested with my next blood draw!!

  • Well done!!! I shall continue to keep my own records, because it's the only way you can prove a point. They won't like it, but it makes it hard for them to argue. It also allows you to work out for yourself what's going on, so that you can explain things to them.

  • Thanks Londinium for this info. Will have a proper look tomorrow, a bit brain dead right now!

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