Who is on these here,,? just started these now a week dam they are making me like a zombie confused dizzy out of touch with reality ,, and im only on 150 mg a day.. any one else feel this way .. cant take these damn good pain killers though i must add.. no wonder when im stoned out mt brain and feel nothing. oh dear.. back to doctors then. pregabalin.. phewww noo way im taking any more

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  • I was on 150mg of Lyrica twice a day for 3 years and it turned me into a zombie. I gained 5 st in the first year on it with no change of diet. The withdrawal was hell and it took me a year. I would strongly advise anyone who is on it to get off it ASAP. It is a horrible drug. It also was the start of my thyrpid problems.

  • hi fixit, yes im starting to think this is not for me either.. i have not been out this bloody house for 2 weeks. cant drive nothing my head is so muddled .jesus id rather put up with the pain then be like this ....? first i felt fine even elated feeling great no pain but hell my head dose not belong to me so zombie like cant think confused now im feeling so scared to leave the house . what the hell are these things.?

  • I was put on it a few years ago. I can't remember what dose I was put on. I didn't stay on it very long at all because it made me sleep 16-18 hours a day. I didn't have a life. I hated it.

    Oh, and another thing - it didn't help with pain either.

  • i had one dose of pregabalin and never touched it again, cant remember dosage but it was 1/2 a tablet, my tongue went numb, i felt drunk and had severe shakes

  • Its my belief that Hashimotos and most of these pain killers/antidepressants/anti epilectics simply do not mix

  • You poor thing, sounds awful. I read this interesting article written by Dr Sarah Myhill about fibromylagia, here it is if you're interested. She talks about pain and how to treat it. I hope you find the info in it helpful:

  • Sorry to hear that juls. I gave Lyrica a try after being on Neurontin for years. Neurontin is miles easier to support. Chemical name is Gabapentin. I really felt strange on Lyrica.

  • There is a Facebook Group called Lyrica Survivors which gives good advice.

  • just tried to get an appointment with the doctor who put me on these horrid things.. next week is the earliest app.. damn doctors who dont check what other meds your taking i was on gabapentin same with these little horrors spaced out all the time . im on levothyroxin among many other pills and potions. they just dont seem to mix never felt like this in my life. drunk with out booze i know what id rather be drunk with booze thank you .great pain killer booze .. but id rather they put me on something that wont make me walk like im pie eyed. maddddddd pills i say x

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