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The truth about cancer - I am so angry!!!!!!

What a week! I saw the series of the truth about cancer last year, and it is the 9th episode which is the final one today.


Big Pharma should be ashamed of themselves for lots, there are people dying when they could be saved, but just because big Pharma insist of everyone with cancer having chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, or all three! only some people are lucky to be saved by MANY natural treatments which were around long before they invented synthetic drugs.

The final episode is about all of the many survivors of cancer.

I just hope that we can spread the word that we are being brainwashed by big Pharma, the food manufacturers and many more people.

Chemotherapy is poison, not a cure

Cancer is not a death sentence

Mammograms cause cancer

Underwired bras and anti perspirant cause breast cancer

The world has cancer because of big Pharma.

If you care about your health and the health of your family watch it, just google Ty Bolinger, the truth about cancer, hopefully there will be other chances to watch it for free


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You are so right ! I was only able to see the first one and that was scary enough. I do know so many people with cancer or who have survived the treatment or worse - but I think the one thing the medical profession trade on - is fear. If you do not do this treatment you will die.

The one thing I found terrible - was that with young cancer sufferers - parents lost custody if they refused treatment for their children.

I think Ty Bollinger is doing amazing work in bringing all the underbelly of Chemo treatment to our attention and informing us in a very positive way of the options everyone should have.

BIG money for BIG Pharma - it is all about that sadly.


Yes the films include stories about children forced to the hospital, strapped to beds and given chemotherapy against their will and parents have no rights. Parents are told that the state has custody of their children ... In USA.

California are soon to enforce that all children have vaccinations which other states will follow and then no doubt the UK, this is against human rights !!

Sue 😡


Hi Sue,

I've also seen most of the series & agree with you. I'm planning to buy the series so that I can show family.

We have had incidences in the UK also being forced to accept the hospitals treatment for their children or have them taken away. I'm thinking of the boy with a brain tumour whose parents wanted him to have proton beam therapy & had to flee to Spain before social services took their son.

I'm sure there is similar cases here. Well done to Ty Bollinger for raising awareness.



Yes, I am thinking of buying them. I am frustrated when some of my friends will only listen to doctors. Doctors are not to be blamed, they are misinformed.

No doubt you have learnt a lot like me.



I bought the $47 one and have been given a free one to send to anyone I would like to have it. Just thought I'd mention it in case you might think it worthwhile to even go for the cheapest one. Offer ends today. Sylvia


For breast cancer there is a test that is now under the NHS, but for which, about two years ago, I had to pay for it, and which helps in finding out whether one should or shouldn't have chemo. I met a few ladies who were left with problems following this poison being injected into them.


Some may find this article interesting..... :-)

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Very true Suze. I have a friend who has had breast cancer for 7 years, she had a mastectomy but has had 3 further tumours which she has treated herself using natural products and various therapies, i.e. misteltoe infusion, phototherapy, went to Germany for 3 weeks for hyperthermia, where the body is brought up to a hgh temperature which destroys the cancer cells. This is not available to UK breast cancer patients but yet a London NHS Hospital uses it on prostate cancer sufferers AFTER chemotherapy. The Germans told my friend that it was good she had not had chemo.. It worked to a certain point but really she needed to stay in Germany for much longer.

She has never had chemo for the same reasons as you state, and lately refused radiotherapy as her last tumour is on the chest wall and radiotherapy could cause her breathing problems later as while it targets the tumour it also hits the surrounding area which could be her heart and lungs. . The Breast Nurse agreed but said that was 'further down the road'!! She is still under the hospital so she gets her ultrasound scans done and is being treated to minimize a tumour by tablets, which her consultant said, on hearing that from the Registrar, as he almost sprang into the consulting room - and I was there taking notes - 'they won't help' - how interesting is that!!! He was anxious to promote an operation whereby he could take the tumour out along with a couple of ribs depending on how deep the tumour was embedded. If more ribs were needed to be taken out then the plastic surgeon would need to be present. She was given 3 months to decide. In the meantime she discovered somebody who had had this op and who was now on chemotherapy so no much good there. She refused the op.

As sugar and acid and dairy products are what cancer cells love she is off wine and no sugar as much as is poss these days, and takes no milk except a little goat's milk as they are more likely to have grazed on grass and be hormone free. Any meat she consumes is grass fed so no hormones are passed on. She juices too to replace a meal sometimes. She does everything possible that is natural to keep herself alive and all this by researching cancer on the internet.

Just imagine the unemployment that would cause to the NHS if honesty abounded about chemo and radiotherapy not to mention the loss to the drug companies..

Admittedly a small fraction do survive cancer with chemotherapy but a lot die as a result of the poison in the chemo treatments. The Germans asked my friend why the NHS does not promote hyperthermia as it obviously works for German cancer patients.

We are told only chemo and radiotherapy will rid us of our cancers. That is what Big Pharma wants.


I am so pleased that you are supporting your friend. We saw the clinic in Germany on one of the episodes, it's just incredible.

Yes, doctors and oncologists are not taught about nutrition, this is why they are given something with sugar after chemotherapy as they don't know that sugar FEEDS cancer, then in hospitals there are fizzy drinks and sugary snacks in vending machines!

I have breast thermography scans and have opted out of mammography, if I had never had thyroid disease and a battle to get better, realising most doctors know very little about thyroid disease, I would never have questioned anything health wise.

Why do we have to search for healthy food? 90% of supermarkets goods are toxic - madness!!!

I hope your friend can watch the series, there are so many good things that she can do, frankincense oil, rebounding, optimising vitamin D, magnesium, then they talked about intermittent fasting, juicing, hemp oil, and so many other cures, not just what the 1939 cancer act states!

All the best,



told my friend about the website you mentioned and she said to tell you to check out, cancer active & credence and a great book by Phillip Day "Why we're still dying to know the truth" She says they all nail Big Pharma and how they lobby and tell untruths to make profits and don;t allow Drs to promote any healthier treatments only the big three - cut, burn and poison!!

Don't want to upset people but these days we have to take matters into our own hands and inform ourselves as much as we can because things aren't what they used to be what with NHS cutbacks and the prolonging of giving treatment not to mention the huge amounts made by Big Pharma who do come up with medicines that that work but we also need to remember that before penicillin and the like it was herbs and plants that were used to good effect and if we take the time to do a bit of research we will see there is a lot of truth in this use. Only recently there was an article in the Daily Telegraph announcing that an Old Wives Tale was shown to heal an illness, can't remember which at the moment.

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Thanks, will have a look 👍🏼

just re-reading through all and taking in. You mention frankincense oil above. She is so well informed she has known about the above for quite some time adding to it. She puts hemp into her juicing.


Big Pharma do not want us to know about cures, 29 holistic doctors were murdered in the last year. They want us to believe that they are quacks.

Holistic doctors who are saving hundreds of lives are arrested .... The crime? Just like it was for Dr Skinner, and many others.

I would not give a penny to cancer research to pay for the huge salaries.

Then don't even get me started on "pinkwashing" .... big Pharma actually started some of the breast cancer charities! So big Pharma get money from chemo and radiotherapy, then the tamoxifen, then money from some breast cancer charities!!!

Why do we still follow the 1939 cancer act?

Watching the truth about cancer will help everyone see that we do have a choice.

Ty Bollinger is doing an amazing job, just a regular guy, wanting to find out why several members of his family died of cancer. He gets many thank yous from people who are now cured and then he receives DEATH THREATS because big Pharma do not want us to know all of this!!!


We will have to respectfully disagree about Ty Bollinger.

Heres some info on the sorts of quackery going on in this field: (He's referred to towards the end)

And this about him in general

I don't think you understand what I am saying, of course there are lots of negative things said about Ty Bolinger and the 130 odd doctors who get hundreds of people well ... because big Pharma do this!

Dr Sarah Myhill, dr Skinner, dr Peatfield, and many many more doctors who have helped many people, are attacked by the gmc, and other doctors.

You cannot make these comments until you have watched this series.


Myhill Skinner and Peatfield are not anything to do with this. But Ty Bolinger is.

Pretty sure big pharma are just as desperate for a cure as everyone else.

Big Pharma do not want a cure - please comment after you have watched all of the 9 episodes!


The only thing big pharma are desperate for is to continue creating the 'treatment cash-cows' that the medical profession and desperate patients cling on to in the hope it may cure them, but which big pharma knows damn well won't until the next one... and the next... and the next...


It is very easy to generalise and most of the posts above show a lack of understanding that "cancer" is not a single disease, but a large nunmber of different and complex diseases, each of which need to be treated in different ways.

Having spent a lot of time in hospital being treated by specialists who also were researchers (funded by Cancer Research UK) into the type of cancer that I had, I can assure you that these specialists were totally dedicated to finding better ways of destroying the cancer cells as well as developing new treatments to reduce the impact on the rest of the body.

There was never any indication that they were motivated by pharmaceutical companies and I think that it is quite offensive to imply that all of these wonderful researchers and specialists, without whom I would not be alive, are in some way part of a conspiracy.

I have had two types of life-treatening cancers and, for the first one, I was given a few months to live in 1979, so I am talking from personal experience.

It is highly insensitive for people who have no personal experience of being diagnosed with cancer to comment or criticize in the way that I have read above.


I really don't want to upset anyone. I apologise if I have caused offence. I am just discussing the episodes in the series and rather than keep this potentially life saving information about the series quiet, I felt the need to share it.

I do know of two people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer who chose the natural route and are very well. However, of the people that I know who have had chemotherapy, none of them are "well".

You actually don't know me, therefore you don't know what my personal experiences are.

I am genuinely pleased that you have got through your illnesses.



Hi Sue

I am not offended personally, but I feel very strongly that some balance is needed when posts are so dramatic and negative.

Chemotherapy can and does work, otherwise I would not be here.

Smelly candles, flowers, a fancy diet and a few Hail Marys would not have helped to eliminate the large lump on one of my testicles or the rugby ball sized tumor that wiped-out my spleen and one kidney, or the Hepatitis C that I got from contaminated blood (successfully treated, thankfully).

I do not appreciate the scare-tactics and potentially frightening headlines that may put someone off getting life-saving treatment. It only takes one person to die unnecessarily for it to be a tragedy.

There are thousands of very hard-working medical professionals and pharmaceutical researchers trying to find new ways to save lives with more effective treatments.

Any implication that they are part of a conspiracy to make people ill is, in my opinion, ridiculous and belittles their efforts.

Anyway, do you really believe everything that you see on TV or read in the newspapers? Many documentaties carry some bias, because they are made by people with an interest and an opinion.

If you want conduct a personal vendetta against pharmaceutical companies, that's fine with me, but I do not think that this should include trying to scare people away from what could be life-saving treatment, particularly on a forum where many vulnerable people are looking for help and encouragement.



I am simply sharing a series which explains alternatives by over a hundred doctors who explain the science, and where people discuss their life saving treatments. I am not trying to scare people away from anything. People should make their comments after watching it. If people chose not to watch it then it is up to them.

It has been brought about by people questioning why cancer numbers continue to rise, it's about prevention and other choices of treatment.

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Actually, you were doing a lot more than "simply sharing".

I suggest that you re-read your original post.

If you were "simply sharing" you would have posted the link and not included comments suich as "Chemotherapy is poison, not a cure" (when chemotherapy can be both toxic and curative) and "The world has cancer because of big Pharma." (Oh, really? so my tumors were the fault of a phamaceutical company, even though I was not on any medication?)

You have made two very clear statements above and the nature of your original post clearly highlights your personal vendetta.

I can eaily imagine some people being frightened away from chemotherapy because of your clearly biased comments and I think that everyone should be mindful of the potential consequences of what they post on a medical forum that is read by potentially vulnerable people.


I am stating headlines

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Please do not try to pass the buck.

It was your choice to post those words.

It does not matter what the source was - they have the same effect


How do we know what you claim is true?

You could just be a Big Pharma troll for all we know.. Plugging a poison.

now that is funny! how does anyone prove who anyone is? happy to discuss thees issues further as the big pharma corruption has worsened in the last three years since this post!


Talking about big-time corruption, have you all had a chance to watch Vaxxed? Must, must must watch

Mind blowing!

Documented pharma corruption.. Proofs all there

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Yes I met the Vaxxed team last May. I met the amazing Dr Andy Wakefield at the London premiere. Sadly it got a bit heated when I tried to discuss it on here. It is just incredible how many people defend the corrupt system. My health problems started with a vaccine injury - a “well woman screening” - you just couldn’t make it up!! I was paralysed with Guillain Barre after having a tetanus booster which I didn’t even need back in the day when I had been brainwashed - not now!

We are winning though, every time you hear of the push for the flu jab, so called measles outbreaks etc it’s their way of pushing vaccines, the truth is out, it’s just that the people who don’t know it are too busy watching “the news”

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All of us have the choice to believe or not believe what we read.

This is the approach that I took on my successful mission to improve my quality of life with hypothyroidism.

Sadly, some people are unable to be open-minded and can only look for things that support their beliefs. Good luck with this !

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Thanks, Suze. I receive emails from this group but have fallen behind. Big Pharma should be more than ashamed of themselves.What is happening in medical treatment is a grave political issue: diagnoses based population scores only, dependency on big pharma's palliative, life draining drugs through force, refusals by doctors serving the medical industry's to offer other treatment (and they are sometimes apologetic!), and medical training that emphasizes synthetic drug cures. It's very scary.


Very true, and akin to us unable to have natural thyroid treatment because big Pharma cannot patent something natural.


Ignore Ty then, just listen to over 100 highly intelligent scientists give their views, all of whom risk their lives, as died Ty and his family to share the truth.

Knowledge is power


Knowledge is power indeed.

If you read the links you could understand why I cannot accept anything presented as 'truth' by Ty Bolinger.

I fear that all that will happen is funds will be diverted from research into cancer. If you truly believe that big pharma conspire to not cure cancer then I am at a loss at what else to say.


Don't say anything, in most cases Silence Is Golden ... Just watch Vaxxed instead..

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Yes it sounds inconceivable and unbelievable but makes absolute sense when you learn through this series what they have done.

Many people have found cures but instead of big Pharma embracing it, they (literally) slam doors in patients faces.

They are not interested in anything they cannot patent. They cannot patent B17 from apricot kernels, they cannot patent cannabis/hemp oil, same as armour thyroid, so they are not interested.


B17 (apricot kernels) can cause cyanide poisoning, is that not a toxic substance !

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Is this what is written on the cancer research website at it was mentioned in the film

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my friend with breast cancer for 7 years takes apricot kernals and has done regularly for some years now also an olive leaf supplement which helps the immune system as cancer destorys that as does chemo. She looks after her own tumours and is doing very well on supplements recommended by natural practitioners. I always used to be suspicious of these alternatives but after looking into alternatives and reading up on them and observing her health, I finally agreed she was on the right track to help herself, having refused chemo and radiotherapy.

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The cyanide is triggered by a chemical in the cancer cell and it only opens in a dangerous cell... See the excellent book by Phillip Day Cancer :Why Are We Still l Dying To Know

love Phillip Day

Same here.. Great book!

My next door neighbour has terminal cancer, she was given a couple of months, that was begining of this year, thanks to the chemo she is on she is still very much alive and still working. The husband of a friend is also still alive thanks to the chemo he has been on for the past 4 years.


Yes I have friend who are in the 2.5% who have survived the chemotherapy.

We all have a choice, I would never have a poison that causes cancer and destroys your immune system.

It is so unfair that we are not told the truth. Mainly because the people telling us don't know !

The people is the uk and USA who are telling g their stories on this series have also given hope to many people that there are choices of treatment, it's about spreading g the word so that everyone knows.



My husband is in that 2.5% which you quote, we do all have a choice and I think we should respect that choice, just because you believe in one method doesn't mean the other is wrong.

I find some of the wording in this thread highly insensitive to those that are dealing with cancer.


Thankfully there are always ppl who survive chemo!!!

The ones who die from chemo are counted as 'cancer deaths'... that's why deaths from chemo are not properly reported and collated.. See Phillip Days book on Cancer : Why Are We Still Dying To Know

Why are you dragging this up again, it's 3 years old !

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yes many doc wont give their familes chemo, ther has been many a natural cure for cancer but the doctors who had them have been hounded out


People in the NHS would be overjoyed if there was a cure for cancer. There is no doubt good nutrition is important for anyone, not just cancer patients. I personally know doctors who are having Chemotherapy treatment for their cancer.

As regards American Healthcare, it is a sick, destructive system run by the Insurance companies. My mother is now 80 and has survived breast cancer and a brain tumour, through good radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments offered by the Uk NHS. I would want to see evidence based statements before I believe the rubbish on the internet.

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There are several cures for cancer, this is what the series is all about. Over 100 doctors show lots of evidence too. This is exactly why I wanted to share this for people who will watch it.

You have to listen to both sides before making a decision. As I say, because of the 1939 cancer act doctors are only able to offer the stated 3 things.

I can honestly say that my ears would not have been open to anything else, only what a doctor said to me in the past. My eyes and ears opened to all other types of healing when doctors and endocrinologists abandoned me because of my TSH results, I started to question everything.

The truth will come out eventually.


What eats me: When the patient has gone the big pharmaceutical route (recommended by their Oncologist) & it has failed big time, the patient is now at the very end of the line as far as their Oncologist is concerned, the doctor STILL won’t consider any other alternative to their preferred gold standard failed therapy line, even now that the patient no longer has anything left to lose.

Even when the local teaching hospital senior Oncologist said why not try it, & to let him know if it works. Even when this senior Oncologist told me NOTHING at all had changed in the success or treatment of pancreatic cancer since my mother had died of the same disease over a decade earlier. Oh no, the younger Oncologist isn’t open to anything unless three million clinical trials are performed over the next three decades first ...

It’s heartbreaking! The answers are in the series.

Just yesterday Dr Zach Bush was being interviewed and was saying that doctors have a toolbox and soon realise that they cannot fix people but are trained one way only. He explains what cancer is too. It’s on Highwire (Del Bigtree)

One lady features in the truth about cancer series who has survived pancreatic cancer for over 30years.

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As this is an old thread, it is likely to bring up bad memories for people.

For that reason, I am turning off replying.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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