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Day 10 on Thiroyd by Greater Pharma


I thought I would share that I have now completed 10 days on one grain of Thiroyd, no Levo. So far I am doing okay and I am hoping to increase by half a grain after day 14. No alarming symptoms to report although I have felt tired and seem to sleep quite deeply. That said I have had two very long and busy days in work....I don't want to get into a habit of over analysing how I feel though! Good luck to any of you out there embarking on a similar journey!

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No point in over analyzing...... Good that its suiting you. I have been on ndt for a few years now and would never willingly change back to synthetics. Xx

Good news, but I don't think that it is a good idea to mention the supplier.

galathea in reply to Hypopotamus

Greater Pharma is the manufacturer of thiroyd, not the supplier.

Hypopotamus in reply to galathea

Ah I see. Sorry about that then but we can't be too careful.

I am on day 4 of the same journey. I am trying to ignore any changes and give it a month, but I think (and the thought keeps creeping back) that I have a bit more energy. Good luck with your journey.

I am on day 2 of the very same product!!! After 23/24 years on Levo :-((

Hoping this is going to do the trick!!!

Good Luck Everybody!!!

I too am on NDT and feeling ok long may it continue. Havent found my optimal yet but just increased to 2 grains so hoping this will be it. good to share and help others find their way to optimal!

I'm about to launch into the same product - once I've got my adrenals in a better way. Have been advised to stop Levothyroxine while taking Nutri Adrenal support, then a few days later, start Thiroid. But before I can do any of it, I am spending 24 hours collecting saliva (every 4 hours) and urine to assess adrenal function and thyroid levels (privately) NHS refused to do these particualr tests!

It's a slightly strange way to spend my birthday but hey! if it means I'm a day closer to feeling better, then it'll be worth it! Great to hear other people's experiences with this route to metabolic health.

Hi ive been on the same thing for a month now 3 grains for another 5 weeks and I might get a blood test . Feel fine.. just ticking over nicely . Apart from a slight worry of self medicating it's ok . I always no this group is here if I have a problem x

I am 6 weeks in to taking Thiroyd by Greater Pharma I am now on 2 grains but still have fybro symptoms. I have not noticed an improvement as yet and wondered how long it would take and if I need to be also taking Levi . I was on 100 Levi for 18 years and the last two years I have been suffering from Fybromyalgia and wanted to try some thing different to see if it helps. I hope it goes well for you.

I have been on 1.5 grains for about 4 or 5 weeks and haven't noticed a major diffrence. No weight loss and still have a big belly. Thought I would have seen a difference. Have also been spotting before and after period. Anyone else had this?

jacrjacr in reply to percyray

not everyone notices weight loss with ndt hence it is more so thyroid function hence I have never experience weight loss on ndt

Hi Percy ray! Just wondering if you might consider raising your dose? I have been moving up by 1/2 grain roughly every 7-10 days. Tomorrow I will be taking 3 grains daily. I am new to this too, so would highly recommend asking your question as a post in its own rights! Good luck! I think we're making a good change!!!!

How did everyone get on with this.

I have just seen my encro Today.

I started treatment back in october and was prescribed 50mg Levo daily, Initially i felt great, Mentally sharp, Full of energy etc however, This gradually faded over the following months and I feel terrible, The brain fog is the worst part for me and getting worse week on week.

I had read this could be related to T3 so mentioned this to my Encro Today.

My T3 was 1.8 so within range but at the lower end, I pleaded with him to give me a go on T3 in conjunction with 50mg LEVO - TSH was 4.8 and he reluctantly agreed.

I have been prescribed 10mg Liothyronine in conjunction with the Levo starting tomorrow and im hoping this will alleviate the custard brain.

If all else fails I was going to have a go on THIROYD and was after peoples reviews and how they got on, Also if anyone could PM me where they purchased it from that would be great!

Thanks in advance!


It's much better to write your own post than to tag your question onto an old post if you need advice and help because most members won't see your post as Newsfeed moves so quickly.

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