Addressing All Members

This is a site to offer support and information to people suffering with thyroid problems.

The Admin Team are here to make sure that everyone has the most positive, safe experience that they can.

Sadly, the Admin Team have come under 'attack' this week from a group of people who have been openly abusive and insulting to the team and also other members of the group. It is the opinion of the Team that at least some of the these people are nothing more than internet trolls and we are sorry if anyone has found their posts upsetting in any way.

Naturally this has coincided with an unfortunate technical glitch which is showing when a member has had their posting rights restricted! :(

Restriction is something we do NOT do lightly and in the 5 years that the Thyroid UK group has been active we have only had to restrict around 44 people!

Please remember to show respect and understanding to your fellow members, including the Admin Team.

If you have complaints about other members you should use the report function.

If you have complaints about the Admin Team and/or the way things are run on this group then these should be directed to me by message or email and NOT posted on the board as this should be kept free for posts asking for and/or offering support.

Thank you

Louise Warvill

PA to Lyn Mynott

Thyroid UK

On behalf of the Admin Team

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  • I have a comment about the Admin Team-they're superb!

    Keep doing what you're doing & I wont have problem with you;supportive, informative,efficient-appart from having a magic wand to turn all Endo's and GP's into Thyroid savvy human beans what's not to like?

    Trolls 👎🏻

  • A series of comments have been removed.


  • whats not to like about the set up or the admin people that , in my personal opinion , have been nothing short of superb with info help and total understanding and empathy ------- AND I WILL STAND FIRM IN MY OPINION AND EXPERIENCE SO FAR ........that is why I have ,do, and will continue to support t.u.k. and all who contribute ........ [ those that aim these vile edicts are nothing short than scum,,,,,sad excuses for human beings ....... alan xxx

  • I am sorry that you and the other admin have come under attack. I appreciate that we are able to share and express our opinions even if they don't agree with others. There is no reason to attack people personally and I know that if there is a problem you will take care of it quickly and efficiently. Thanks for all you and the other admins do!

  • I, for one, am so appreciative of all of the admin, and of all they do. Maybe some people need to think carefully before they post comments and consider that these people are helping everyone with their advice and support voluntarily. They deserve our admiration and respect. Thank you and God bless you all. X

  • Keep up the good work all in Admin. As I agree with all the above do just great for all of us on here. It's a shame there is a few that spoil it for others.


  • I have been a member of this site for quite a few years now and I'm so grateful for all the knowledge and advice I have received here. It allowed me to put up a reasoned and well researched argument for T3 treatment to my endo which he accepted and acceded to. This in turn gave me my life back and I was able to successfully complete a BA (Hons) History & Creative Writing degree at university as well as running my own business and household! This would never have been possible without this site and its admin staff and I am VERY grateful to all of you! Long may you continue!!! :-)

  • I echo all the supportive comments above. We are very fortunate to have this forum. Thank you for all that you do.

  • The admin team are an amazing mine of info, which supports the idea that these people are trolls. Thank you for all you do admin

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