Attention all Members - a Reminder

PLEASE can everyone take the time to remind themselves of our Posting Guidelines:

The Guidelines are there to ensure that everyone finds their time on Thyroid UK on HU to be as helpful, informative and pleasant as possible.

Obviously, people are going to have differing opinions on things (if we all thought the same way the world would be very boring indeed), but please can everyone do their very best to ensure that disagreements do not become personal in any way.

We also have some posting hints and tips. These threads are directed primarily at newbies, but it may be worth some 'old hats' having a quick look as well:

All of these can also be found in the pinned posts section - to the right of the 'Posts' screen.

Thank you

Louise Warvill

PA to Lyn Mynott

Thyroid UK

On behalf of the Admin Team

Anyone commenting on this thread, other than to confirm that they have followed the links/taken the sentiments on board, will find their comment deleted - thank you.

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