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Where can i buy armour or nature throid online? Pm me please.

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It's my last resort before i give up trying anything..

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Hello bellameaow

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well.

Your previous posts advise of high thyroid antibodies and a long standing oestrogen dominance. Have these been addressed as would effect how thyroid meds convert in your body. Thyroid function has a huge effect on the sex hormones and vice versa.? .. Both work together and will need to be balanced to synthesis properly.

A gluten free diet may be helpful in bringing thyroid antibodies down as would having optimal nutrients and iron levels.

Ask your doctor to test Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferritin & post results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets).

You obviously feel very unwell bellameow but this could be down to any number of reasons.

It is unwise to switch thyroid hormone medication before addressing all other issues. It is also recommended to have a thyroid hormone blood test in order to get a clearer picture and be able to dose according to results.

If your GP is uncooperative, private testing may be sort as detailed in link below & results may be posted for members to comment.

We have many sympathetic knowledgable members who medicate on a variety of thyroid hormones and can offer you good sensible advice but without addressing underlining causes, no thyroid meds will work well for you.


Link for private testing


Link explaining Hashimotos


Link explaining the connection between Hashimotos & disrupted periods


This following link explains the importance of vitamins and where they may be obtained. This forum is supported by the charity ThyroidUK. You do not have to join the charity to benefit from this forum but by doing so you will be supporting the charity and also entitled to various discounts when buying supplements, as detailed in the link below.


Google Armour thyroid and various sites will come up including the main American pharmacy which I use all the time. They are excellent and most helpful including ensuring you get the correct level of mcg so as not to under or over dose

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Gismo333 in reply to Patsy74

Armour is very expensive, Erfa is a good alternative and used by my clinic in Brussels. It is available if you search for it.

Hi I would like to give you information but I really don't understand where I find guideline 26? Can someone help me here please, thanks

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Guidelines are under "pinned posts" or in the PM you received when initially joining the forum.

Guide line number 26 states.. .. " Do not post links or website addresses in the subject field of Posts." .... .

Of course you are welcome to PM bellameow with any relevant info you have that you feel would be beneficial to her.


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I too have tried to PM a message but cannot get the site to work despite writing it all down first. There is no 'v' next to my user name so I cannot get into messages in News Feed as the site suggests. Very difficult to use and spoils the good parts of this forum


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I am sorry you are experiencing IT problems Patsy.

The site does very very occasionally go thru "glitchy" periods as most do.

I usually leave it a while and it rectifies itself but if issue continues ... you can notify the IT help dept by clicking on the "Help" button on green strip at top of page and selecting "email us".


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I don't quite get what you mean by a 'v' next to your user name.

Under each post or response you make there is an orange button marked Reply, a white one with a hand, and a third one with a V (or down arrow). This can be used to edit your own posts/responses, or delete your own posts/response, or report a problem post or response.

You can visit the News Feed by clicking on the large HealthUnlocked in white on the green banner at the top.

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You can find all the guidelines here:


bella, our condition is much more complicated because of so many other factors involved. Normally you want to have a high T3 level but yours is over range and you still feel unwell. Your T3 is not relieving symptoms because it is not working for you.

There may be nothing wrong with any of the thyroid hormones you have tried. There are several articles here you may want to read but the one about pooling is first.


I've been ordering my armour from <online supplier> with great success. The price of armour has tripled but the freedom of not having to deal with Family Doctor is wonderful. It takes 28 days for delivery. I'm taking 180mgs but most of my friends are on 90 -120mgs. After taking my thyroid med in the morning and waiting an hour...I add B-1...100mg along with B12 with folic acid. Gluten free diet is a plus. I supplement with Standard Process supplements that I get from a wellness doctor that monitors me. Wellness Dr can't write prescriptions for Armour. I've spent a lot of money trying to get myself healthy and strong and I'm on the right path FINALLY! NEVER use artifical sweetners. Wellness doctors can't help you if you are putting poison in your body causing leaking gut and diabetes. Sweetleaf brand of stevia is the only approved sweeter my Wellness Dr allows. I use the liquid and keep it in my refrigerator and I carry little tablets in my purse for coffee and iced tea.

I'm going to try the generic form of Armour and see if it is just as good. The price is more than half through <online supplier>. I will know quickly enough is it isn't going to work as well.

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You will need to be prepared to investigate other payment methods because neither credit card companies nor PayPal will allow their payment facilities to be used to pay for prescription medicines.

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