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Suspected underactive thyroid

I have just had comprehensive bloodwork done and my thyroid function is 'normal' according to my GP. Trouble is, for the past decade I've been having the typical low thyroid symptoms and do not have any illnesses or take any medication, nor am I anaemic. I am in good health with an iron-rich diet and exercise regularly. Yet I have sluggishness, hair thinning, dark eye circles, trouble shifting weight, constipation, etc. It is so frustating as my thyroid is always at the lower end of the normal range but the GP refuses to medicate me (as do other GPs I have seen).

So, what should my next step be? I really hope someone can advise me. Many thanks!

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Please post your actual results with ranges - available from your surgery.


When the GP says you are normal - he/she means in range - WHERE they are in the range is important. TSH needs to be around 2 - FT4 near the top - also FT3. Did you have the anti-bodies tested too ? Normal is an opinion and NOT a result ! Always good to obtain copies of all your blood test results with ranges so you can monitor your own progress. It is your legal right :-)

Where are your B12 levels ? Low B12 can mimic low thyroid ....


Thanks for your comments, I am uploading the photos of the results to a new post as I don't seem to be able to add photos when responding.


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