Buying T3 from an online pharmacy

Hi all,

I've been struggling with Hashimoto's for several years and some pretty closed-minded doctors for about a year and have not had any luck finding a doctor who will prescribe T3 only.

At this point I've already tried T4 medications and a couple different brands of NDT as well increasing the doses a few times but, my brain fog actually gets worse so, I'm sure the T4 in NDT is increasing reverse T3 which is holding me back.

Lately, I've been feeling just awful, exhausted and very depressed and and have been looking for and reading posts about successes on here to keep my hopes up as, it's getting harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I need to find a pharmacy that will ship to the US.

I could probably find Cytomel online but, am hoping especially for the German brand 'Thybon Henning' because I've read it's gluten and lactose free, which I'm very sensitive to and Cytomel definitely has gluten as a filler.

But I'd be so, so grateful for any advice at all as to where I might find any brand name T3 without gluten.

Thanks in advance for any responses... I'm feeling desperate :(

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  • Courtney, I think Thybon Henning will require a prescription. Have you tried Googling Thybon Henning T3 to see whether there are sources without prescription?

    Tiromel and Uni-Pharma are available without prescription and can be shipped to the US but although both are gluten-free, both contain lactose.

  • Can you advise me where to buy Tiromel or Uni-Pharma T3 without a prescription? any reliable online Pharmacies in the UK or near?

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