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Everything is going wrong at the moment :(

At the moment I feel like everything is going wrong and I hate it, obviously. I have always been a positive person but nothing is cheering me up right now and I just need to vent, so I apologise in advance.

I was diagnosed over a month ago with Graves' Disease and have had 1-2 blood tests per week since. It would appear that my body doesn't like Carbimazole (or vice versa) because it keeps lowering my WBC count, I stopped taking it at the weekend because I felt quite ill. Since then I have felt much better, so I have tried ringing my Endo to explain that I have stopped taking the Carbimazole and am awaiting another set of blood test results. However, I keep reaching his secretary's voicemail and I'm getting sick of hearing her voice, I really feel like I'm being cared for!!

On top of all of this, it just so happens that due to an error made by HMRC, I have been informed that I have underpaid on my taxes for last year and now owe nearly £2,000 in unpaid tax which I can't do anything about it. :'(

I know I just have to keep strong but I feel fed up, if it's not one thing it's another. I don't think my partner has any understanding of how I am feeling, he can be a bit of a hypochondriac so any time I tell him how I feel, he feels the same. It's just getting me down because I don't know what is going to happen next and I feel like I have no-one to talk to.

I'm sorry for going on the rant, I just needed to vent to others who understand what I am feeling. It's nice to know I am not alone.

Thanks :)

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Hi RandC,

You are not alone! Have a virtual hug!

Vent away and then vent some more... It's safe to do that here (I feel like I vent every other day!).



yes we do understand and vent here sometimes too.I know all seems too much and out of control but hold on in there and one day it will all improve! Partners are a funny bunch, even my son said about his own dad (my ex husband) , mum anything you have dad says he's got something more serious than yours, tell him you have period pain!!! lol Telling this not to compare, that's just to make you smile :-)


Haha! Thank you :) x

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We are all here for you. It's frightening when you are trying to take on board something new and no one around you understands and yes I can imagine the shock of hearing you have underpaid on your tax. This happened a lot and I'm sure in most cases they are at fault. I don't know whether they have said how they are going to claw it back. I owed some the other year and they took a little extra each month so I hope you can do the same. I am hypo so no experience with Graves but I do know there is an alternative drug you can try and that the early weeks are difficult till you get the dosage right. Could your doctor ring the hospital for you? Your messages shouldn't be ignored.

Someone with experience I'm sure will come along soon with more advice.


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