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T3 ??

On the 10th of June 2015 I picked up my t3 and the BN was 82613 and expiry date 16.06.2016. 8 weeks later and my next lot of t3 and the BN was 83200 and expiry date was 18.02 2016 and my new lot has BN 83200 and exp date as 18.02.2016. Would anyone know why the 82613 would have a later date then the 83200. I think this happened once before. I am beginning to think that any old pil is put on the tub of t3.

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How strange and we'll done for noticing. Having said that I haven't a clue or any rational suggestions. I'm assuming the batch number correlates with the same stuff mixed at the one time and the sell by date correlates to may be when it was packaged but I can't imagine that so much would be manufactured at anyone time to spend months for some of it to then appear on the shelves. Why not write to the manufacturer and ask them? I'm sure that if you get an answer we would all be interested to hear it!


Hi, I've been getting batch No. 83200 of Liothyronine from my local Tesco store in Lincoln for the past five months. I know it should not be that old - it has a 2 year use by date. But I've been very pleased with it.

For seven months prior to that I had got a different batch number each month. I found some were very much weaker than usual and then some were very much stronger than usual. The inconsistency caused me months and months of ill health.

When I saw a consultant in August, he confirmed that lots of his patients had experienced the same problems of varying strengths with Lio.

I could not understand why in June, my pharmacist was not able to get me liothyronine for almost two weeks and then got me this batch. Then two months later lio was again not available - this time for ten days.

How can the manufacturer not be able to supply chemists and then come up with a 16 month old batch? Then, not be able to supply again and come up with the same batch - 18 months old?

I don't know if it's just general inefficiency ? My personal theory is that they made a couple of batches that failed to meet an acceptable strength so found old supplies in their warehouse. But, I may just be being cynical.


I tend to agree with you about any old supplies. I have become very cynical about the whole lot.

Jo xx


Well that's answered that then !! Seems like "NO" it's not reliable.

I had lots of batch problems in 2012/2013 and swapped on a named patient basis to Sanofi Aventis Cynomel, (EU licensed ) as I didn't think NHS would accept a request asking for s.american Cynomel, which worked consistently with good results. This is no longer available. I alerted yellow card scheme and the medicines information dept at my hospital.

The Endo replied to a written letter saying she didn't mind which brand I used and saying I was no longer her patient, so I levered my GP to prescribe the Sanofi Aventis brand as it was EU licensed, with the attraction of a lower cost to his practice.

However, I have now been summoned for blood tests (eeek) after hiding under the radar for twelve months. The debate is that I have in the meantime found I am highly likely coeliac, son diagnosis confirmed, and the Sanofi Aventis brand contains wheat starch (WHY).

I am infinitely better on cynomel only 37.5 - 32.5mcg split into 3 doses with very importantly NO GLUTEN AT ALL, NO NIGHTSHADES, NO CITRUS and Very low Lactose. Cross contamination is a real problem for me resulting in mouth ulcers throughout my whole mouth and all my supposed Hashi's /ME/ CFS symptoms playing havoc for weeks after.

I had wondered whether with the right diet I might fare better on the Amdipharm Mercury version to avoid the wheat starch but I Guess the answer is "NO".

FYI: The named patient basis has worked well but means my GP has to handwrite the prescription so there are delays when he is away ( often) or it is passed to other GP's in the practice who then sometimes call me for reassurance. There are then further delays as the pharmacy has to order it in specifically using their IDIS account. At first I used it alongside my s.american bought in brand so I can now last a month if needed.

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