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What does this mean please?

What does this mean please?

I've just got this back following my 24hr urine thyroid test. Can anyone tell me what it means please?

I only had this test this time, no TSH etc. My previous TSH has been high but in range e.g. 3.6-4.6

There is no commentary included on the results, I'm guessing that they sent that to the requesting practitioner.

I'm not diagnosed with anything in terms of my thyroid. I've seen Dr Peatfield privately (who requested this test). He's prescribed nutri adrenal extra for what he thinks are adrenal fatigue symptoms. I felt no improvement initially, but 3wks in I am now feeling some improvements. I'm not sure where this leaves me?

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Don't take my word for it as I've no idea really but...

it looks as if your T3 is really low (300) - the low red area as opposed to the middle green. Reference range 800-2,500.

Your T4 is at the low end of ok, in the green area (1,000). Reference range 550-3,160.

Your ration of T3:T4 is out of whack because your T3 is so low. (0.3). Reference range 0.5-2.00.

It might be that you are not converting T4 to T3. Also your T4 is a bit low.

You need the opinion of brains on this site rather than my analysis.

Good luck.

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I would agree about the T3 conversion, mine is roughly the same, and I buy T3, and feel so much better, but I wouldn't hold out much hope of being prescribed any.


Langdocienne, you're in newcastle too aren't you?

What has your experience of the endocrinology service at the rvi been? Feel free to private message me if it's easier.


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