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Dosage advice please

Hi all. I've been taking 100mg T4 and 30mg T3 (10mg three times a day). Been on this for 6 weeks after trying NDT without feeling any better and my TSH rising to 266. Still not feeling better and was wondering it's safe to increase my T3 dose (not gonna bother asking the doc yet!). Before NDT I was on 200mg T4 for 20 years. Thanks in advance x

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I wonder if you are Thyroid Hormone Resistant? Due to the fact that on NDT your TSH reached 226. I reckon you might have been on too low a dose NDT - most find a dose between 3 to 4 grains suits.

In thyroid hormone resistance T3 is the one to use.

This is a link and go to the date December 17, 1997


Thank you! I think you're right, probably resistant. Will keep trying everything!


MoaningLisa, 100mcg Levothyroxine + 30mcg T3 is equivalent to 190mcg T4 so I think it will be fine to increase T3 to 40mcg. You should be due a blood test in the next couple of weeks. Take thyroid meds after the blood draw.


Thank you!


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