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Please Sir can I have my test results

Please Sir can I have my test results

So last week had my fasting blood tests done. I'm not sure how many of the tests I requested with the GP will have been done. Apparently that is up to the technician at the lab to decide which ones he/she thinks are worth doing. So that's pretty awesome and fills me with even more confidence that the NHS really do want to get me better (provided it doesn't cost.more.then £10 a test). When the GP said in regard to one requested test "the lab will refuse because it's too expensive" I pay the Tenner myself and upfront.

Anyhoo I digress somewhat. So Tuesday afternoon I ring the surgery and ask if my test results are back. Yes the helpful lady on the phone says.all are normal. Well, I think to myself "Colleen,be calm 😕 the Nice lady 😇 is only doing her job which is to protect the equally nice GP 😇from all the nasty annoying patients😈 who expect to discuss their results directly with him" forsooth whatever next will we expect, there might be no end to it.........imagine, the pesky patients will start asking for a correct diagnosis and adequate medication next!!!!😱

So I teeth and say lovely 😀but actually I'm ringing because.I want a print out of my results. WHY? says she their NORMAL.

Gently I repeat "that's great but I WANT A PRINTOUT OF MY BLOOD TESTS RESULTS" emphasise on MY BLOOD TESTS. Which one do you want she sweetly asks. TEETH GNASHINGLY I respond ALL OF.THEM PLEASE.

Having, I think, hope and pray, established between us what my requirements are, she then says "we will pass a note to Doctor and see if he says you can have them". Call back tomorrow.

Tomorrow came (that actually was yesterday) I ring. Hello please can.I have the PRINTOUT of my blood test results. Oh such Joy Doctor has agreed 🙌 You can pick them up from reception. I arrive at the surgery, ten minutes later. The very building from whence I spoke to lady who told me I can collect them. However what apparently had slipped her mind,passed her by or maybe they keep her in the special patient closet which is (in the dark being fed bull manure) she somehow failed to mention that the surgery was in fact and had been CLOSED all day

Phew that feels better, bit of ranting and raving 😤😬 almost as good as an inadequate dose of levothyroxine that.

Today is another day and I shall go and assail the fortress known as Doctors RECEPTION. Should I succeed in my quest I will post the results

In.all seriousness now I am hoping that you lovely peeps might be able to help me decipher them a bit. My concerns are Hashimotos/Adrenal insufficiency possibly. Please.come back for.the next tedious instalment of 'Can I have my results PLEEEEASE' 😁

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Rofl 😂

Same situation here. One could scream....! If one manages to persuade the receptionist-sucking-her-teeth-in-disproval-at-you to impart the results of your blood test here, they then refuse to give the lab parameters used!

Which is a jolly good wheeze, I can tell you and at no point a test of my nonexistent patience with stupidity.

I have to go back for blood tests. *sigh* Should have done it before June. Aside from yet another lengthy chest infection, I can't quite face the rigmarole however, I have just got my dr to text for literally everything this site advocates as required, which I *just know* he's agreed to (after a lengthy, insulting conversation) precisely because he knows the lab tech isn't going to do them anyway, because there is a 'y' in the day.

Le Sigh.

Good luck, brave warrior, for today's attempt!


Fellow warrior. I find it's more.of a problem if there is a D in the day rather then a Y😀. Yes your quite correct most GP's will opt.for a quieter life and getting you out of their consultation room by agreeing to any tests you request knowing full well they won't be happening thus absolving themselves of any blame as it's the Labs that are "Refusing" to do them not the GP themselves. And well with our foggy silly brains of course we believe that. Yes Doctor, Thank You Doctor, (exit room backwards looking at floor respectfully) yeah Right! Mine however has a strong personality (disorder) oops sorry that one slipped out there 😀 and wanted me to accept that I am do not have a problem beyond a slight HYPOTHYROIDISM. That I am making up symptoms and diagnosis when my real problem is that I have depression and Fibromyalgia and Need to address these issues and stop wasting people's time. Being a little bit of a tinker myself I chose to discuss the above with the Doctor and I can argue.till the cows come home. I like to feel that I had a small victory as he had to resort to ordering me Out of his Surgery lol. What can you do. I just want that print out and hopefully get a bit of.guidance here. And well if I'm simply a crazy woman then that's fine. That's a diagnosis and they can address that then. As for receptionists, actually no I better not go there i don't want to be banned from this forum 😬😁 very good luck with your next round of tests. Look as the next visit as obtaining more comedic material for the stand-up routine. Xxx

Ps. He said I sent you to a very good psychiatrist (she retired.the same week) who diagnosed you with chronic clinical depression, severe anxiety and Most Importantly of all it would seem "Scared of SPIDERS a phobia" 😦😧😨 😻 no spider emoticon so I have improvised


It will be interesting to see what was tested.

Thanks for your very nice and informative Profile and the photo of your lovely dog. It's good when we have some background info.


Aah thank you Shaw. That was my little old boy Charlie. I lost him a few years ago. The photos smile because my ex husband who is a paramedic when he used to visit our sons would always say to me "that dog has thyroid issues look at his eyes" I think bless him that poor Charlie was just a strange looking Dog but although Tiny a Huge Character.


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