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Low t3 anxiety

I've been doing another post but this is a bit of a different question.

All the answers I've had to my other question all say my t3 is low.

Results of most recent blood tests

Tsh 1.85 (0.35-4.57)

T4 17.1(9-19)

T3 2.9(2.69-5.57)

As my symptoms are similar to anxiety, (cold chills running up and down me. Hot flushes with sweats. On exertion I get hot then when I stop I drip in sweat. My head feels tipsy) should getting my t3 level up get rid of all these symptoms OR will I need to see a psychiatrist.??

Never suffered with this before. Only been since endo took me of ndt and put me onto 100mcgs levo as said my t3 was too high at 3.8!!!!!

Due to advice given on my other question post I am now taking 75mcgs levo and 20mcgs t3 split into two doses.

When I was on combo last year prior to NDT my level of t3 still only got to 3.2. And on t3 only 40mcgs it rose to 3.7.

Sooo basically, should getting the level up get rid of these symptoms?

I think the symptoms are gradually getting me feeling low too now

Many thanks


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Well, I'm not a specialist, but in my opinion, yes, they should.

My terrible anxiety went when I got my T3 levels up, plus a lot more symptoms improved. Your endo sounds like a bit of a Wally saying that an FT3 of 3.8 is too high. Obviously a diabètes specialist!

But I do think you should get your nutrients tested - vit D, vit B12, Folate, iron and ferritin - in case no-one else mentioned it. A tipsy head sounds like low B12. Low nutrients can also cause lots of symptoms, and make it difficult for your body to use the hormone you're taking. Low vit C will lower absorption, so you can just take that, anyway, without a test. :)


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